Stoned Seance: A Puff of the Paranormal

Stoned Seance: A Puff of the Paranormal

Second only to eternal life, communication with the dead has been one of humankinds most aggressively pursued goals. Trailing not far behind; marijuana legalization. Countless cultures and secret societies have devised methods and means to communicate with the dead. The Brooklyn Paranormal Society found their stash, trimmed the trash, and tested the hash in order to bring you this special event.

Activities & Events

– Stoney Seance led by world famous sativa seer Psychic Paula Taylor.

– Mix-Your-Own-Potion Bar led by our resident Botanist Barbara.

– Tarot & Palm, eye, ear, nose, whatever… reading stations.

– Theremin lessons by Jessica D.

– Workshops led by expert instructors.

– Music & Movies by spooky local artists.

– Vendors including DecayMagNatural Creations, and others.

And more!

About The Seance

Stoney (Paula) Taylorworld-famous psychic will lead the team through a “Leader-assisted séance“. Paula will safely guide us through the purple-hazey spirit world, and allow us a chance to ask any souls present potinent questionsDo not be alarmed however, Paula only works with positivity and GOOD VIBES!

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