Let’s Channel Aliens with New-Age Psychics

“Using their psychic abilities, their contacts with alien beings and remote viewing they will help you to change your channel as you begin to understand what is really going on.” – New Life Expo

What exactly does “Channel Aliens” mean…

Searching Amazon yields a few books on the topic of channeling aliens. One of the more prominent in results is “Extraterrestrial Channeling: Alien Abduction Syndrome“.

I’ve reached out to the author to see what’s involved in channeling aliens, since admittedly it’s a new concept to me. A response to my query hasn’t arrived a week later, so it’s safe to assume there’s no additional update at this point.

As for the event, details at the moment are thin. We’re not hosting this event, so show up prepared for whatever.  That usually doesn’t mean knife fight, but not all outfits run their shows to the same standard as us.

There seems to be a Q&A, so prepare ahead any questions you have for our omnipotent alien overlords.  I’m interested in probing the panel personally, but you don’t need to participate.

Panelists include Jenn Stein, Peter Robbins, Robert Morningstar, Ron Amitron, Nathan Rosenbaum and Marc Brinkerhoff.  Whether they will work independently, or in unison to contact the alien entities remains unknown.

To wrap-up:
March 10th, let’s check out new age psychics who say they can channel aliens.

Channel Aliens with New-Age Psychics

Saturday, Mar 10, 2018, 9:45 AM

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