Frieday the 13th

Brooklyn Paranormal Society presents: Frieday the 13th

Your Psychic friends for the night were:

Psychic Mary Amy

Astroshaman James

Tarot Readings by El Namelabor Tarot

And live music by Paul Anthony

  • Join us on 7/13 for: Frieday the 13th! A Pop-Up Paranormal Party

On Friday the 13th we packed a small store-front in the East Village with psychics, shamans, wizards, an artist and a rotating cast of psychically gifted friends. The party went from to 4:20pm – midnight!

BKPS Pop-Up Shop: 526 E 11th St, NYC

You joined our psychedelic psychics, our stoned shamans and our whacked wizards for:

Ghost-Hunts & Seances
Psychic Readings
Tarot Readings
Crystal Healing & Spell Work
Horoscopes & Fortunes
Live Music & Art
And you BYOB’d


Meet the psychics, and our other gifted friends:

Psychic Mary Amy
Shaman James of Inner Peace Arts
The art of Charles Comer
The music of Rob A Lou
Massage and Reiki by Therapist Andrew
More on the way!

For questions:

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