Paranormal Social

Paranormal Social is a monthly event where we mix business with pleasure.

Behind closed doors the team crafts award winning editorials, produces a TV show and livestream, administers new client intakes, and performs evidence review.

In addition to our creative endeavors, our email and voicemail inboxes are overflowing with requests for help from our fellow Brooklynites. Their tips and tales of supernatural experiences shouldn’t slip through the cracks.

This month we’re opening up the case-files, calling out the psychics and filling the taps. We’ll have readings, lessons, workshops and more.

Join the team officially, help us intake new clients, plan new events and much more.

6:50pm – Load in
7:00pm – Opening chats, (what are) clubs, new member sign-up, street team
7:15pm – Club sign-ups / club chat
7:40pm – Assignments
8:00pm – Intake interview with Connor
8:30pm – Intake with team member Amber
9:00pm – Evidence review from BAM, article review, planning