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The comfortable set of Psychic on Your Couch,  July 21st.

All day Saturday July 21, it threatened to rain. The sky was an illuminated, swollen gray that was seeping thick humidity all over South Slope. This was remarked upon quite a few times by members of the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, as we waited on a strangers couch to have our fortunes. Eight members of BKPS were scheduled to meet for an impromptu session of Psychic On Your Couch.

Psychic-medium Mary Amy, during setup. Photo by Anthony Long.
Psychic-medium Mary Amy, during setup. Photo by Anthony Long.

On the ride to this event I had remarkable anxiety which is uncommon for me. I questioned what was to come of this day. During my drive into Brooklyn from Westchester, NY I encountered multiple car accidents and blocks averting me from my destination. I considered turning back but continued to the event, my heart had won out. My commitment to this paranormal world lies within me which can’t be destroyed.Mary Amy

From the start, the atmosphere was both intimate and clinical. While we were offered carrot sticks and hummus, Anthony, Chief Ectoplasm Officer, bustled around the cozy living room setting up cameras, wires, candles, and a fog machine. While a pet parakeet hopped across the couch and people’s shoulders, LahLuna, the resident tarot reader, burned sage and shuffled through her cards.

For those of us not working, there was not much to do besides chat and fill up on carrots and blueberries. Things were chilly at first, but the atmosphere warmed as the event went on, and especially after the fortunes started being told.

I was the first to meet with the psychic. I was called into the bedroom which had been transformed into a shadowed, candle-lit den of mysticism complete with a cloth covered low table that separated Mary Amy and I.

My impression of this young woman before me was very blank and solemn. Her face conjured up a  frozen expression stuck in space and time. She was alone and vulnerable in the world. I immediately felt her utter distance from comfort and joy.Mary Amy

We sat on the ground across from each other as Anthony finished the final touches with the lighting, and sound. Then, she asked to take my hand.

To begin a session I must achieve a complete spiritual connection to the subject. I must face them able to look into their eyes, and if possible hold hands. The information I gather is not thinking, it’s passed to me at a rapid speed. While the information is coming in, I’m entranced. While in this trance, I tell the messages to the client as quickly as it comes, grabbing as much as I can communicate before it stops.Mary Amy

She was kind and even voiced as she held my hand and described what she sensed, or received from the spirits. The interaction between Mary Amy and the spirits appeared to occur in a conversational nature; with Mary fully engaged with… something.

Her energy was stationary, complete motionless, non-threatening like a small innocent animal frozen before for its prey.Mary Amy

While I won’t go in to the private details of my reading with Mary Amy, I will remark on the experience itself. The initial ask was simple, I was to speak about anything I wanted until the psychic said stop. She explained hearing my voice would allow her to tap into my spirit. Once connected, she told me a lot.

Along with some helpful chime-ins from Anthony and his EVP app, I left the reading with quite a bit to think about. She gave me a vision stone to help me with introspection, and suggested I paint a still life of fruit.

After three more readings, Mary Amy had to leave. She hugged everyone as she left, which surprised me a little since I knew she had to touch someone in order to read them. Still, I was glad to give it to her. Hardly anyone spoke about their experience with her, and little by little the room grew quieter as people sat and reflected.

A few minutes were spent setting up the bedroom for Lahluna’s reading. I opted to go first again. We sat together as the camera’s were readjusted and candles and a purple cloth were transferred over from the dining table. The reader waved a bundle of sage around to clear the air and make room for her energy.

Lahluna explained the set up to me, she would be using Oracle Cards and the Ascended Masters Oracle. I had never heard of those before, but she explained that they had the benefit of being easy to interpret, unlike the complicated symbolism and patterns of Tarot Cards.

Anthony finished with the set up and gave her the go ahead. This time, I was instructed to ask a question. While it is vague, I asked the only question I absolutely wanted an answer to:

Will I have a happy future?

Not only did I get an optimistic reading, but the question launched an in depth discussion between Anthony and I of ways to stay positive that ended in the opportunity to write this article. As with the psychic, I had a lot to think about when it was done, only for different reasons.

One by one people filtered in and out of the room, and eventually the apartment. After the last reading, six people were left. I said my goodbyes next. I hugged or waved to everyone with promises to see them at another BKPS event. Though I didn’t make an in-depth connections, it’s easy to feel camaraderie with people who share such esoteric interests.

I left the apartment with a clear stone at the bottom of my bag, and my head down because it had finally started raining.

A clear crystal quartz gemstone retains healing properties gives off clarity and purity if placed on any of the seven chakras in the body. The vision gem will help elevate thoughts to manifest intentions. During a session, I give each readee a polished mineral to transmit power and energy. To me, this stone would aid her in her true life and purpose, shifting away the darkness consuming her.Mary Amy

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