About Us

While founded over beers; today the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is a collective of individuals with similar interests, and diverse backgrounds.

Chief Ectoplasm Officer
Spoopy by nature, not cause I hate cha.
Andrew Arnett
Andrew Arnett is an American writer and researcher in the fields of the occult, paranormal, shamanism and alchemy. He was born (1964) in Saigon, Vietnam to a Vietnamese mother and New Zealand journalist covering the Vietnam War for the Associated Press. Interested in the occult and paranormal since an early age, his life changed on November 14, 1997, when Arnett witnessed a formation of eight fiery “orange orbs” fly over the city of Seattle, WA. Since then he has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth behind the UFO’s and other paranormal activities.
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Stacy Cecil
Chief Spiritual Officer
Stacy Cecil is an American psychic, and spokeswoman for spirits everywhere.
Devon Delatour
Director of Metaphysics
Devon a.k.a Cat is a man of mystery, and few words.
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Liz Pop
Director of Visughouls
Liz is a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Philadelphia. She joined BKPS in 2016 after spotting an intriguing flier near the Greenwood Cemetery—a group that goes ghost hunting while inebriated? Awesome! Liz has had several paranormal experiences herself, the latest having occurred in a Victorian home whose previous owner had kept a dungeon in the basement and had met his demise in the very bedroom where she slept. Prior to that, Liz had her ass groped by a spirit in the former home of 1920s actress Katharine Cornell. Liz hopes the endeavors of BKPS result in many more interesting and bizarre paranormal experiences.