Celebrate Religious Freedom, the Brooklyn Way

It’s not every day we get to fly our freak flags at full mast; so after today’s proclamation, I decided we need to get back to our roots; and get back in to Prospect Park.

In previous years, it was all about the investigation. This time, it’s about healing. Join a prayer circle, bang on drums, pray, or burn an effigy. The night is ours.

To join us, please send a message below and we will be in touch.

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This Haunted Bus Tour Will Be Around Longer Than Any Of Us

Haunted bus for sale. Low miles. Cheap $5,900.

Source: uncommonphenomena.com

I read these words, and I think of every time I told someone that my biggest dream was to drive a long haul truck, and to live like Jack Burton.

If I had a dollar for every-time I told that story, I would’ve bought this truck on the spot. Amused, I investigated and uncovered a small town attraction built around the lure of a haunted Greyhound bus.

“Show up, come casual, bring a lawn chair & your own beverage in order to attend this enchanting “Haunted Bus” experience. You are welcome to bring a camera, audio recorder or any equipment for capturing audio or physical manifestations. You must have permission from others in the group to post any photos or video footage on any social media site that they would show up in your videos or photos.”

I plan intensely, so the soonest I could commit to seeing this attraction is April 10th, 2031. If anyone from the Brooklyn Paranormal Society would like to attend: reach out.

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50 of the Most Powerful Spells on the Face of Earth