Lights Out at Burlington County Prison


December 1 - 04:30 pm


December 2 - 01:00 am

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Brooklyn Paranormal Society

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Burlington County Prison

128 High St

Mount Holly, nj, US, 08060

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TV crews and paranormal investigators have packed the prison museum. They’ve captured EVPs, photos of orbs and some even claim to have smelled cigar smoke straight from the ectoplasm-lined lungs of the warden himself.

The evening begins near 5pm for a group pick-up in Bed Stuy. Near 7pm we’ll begin our paranormal assessment, which will see us identify locations of interest inside the prison, and the spirits present.

Wandering the grounds and capturing EVPs and photo’s we will attempt to capture orbs or ghastly apparitions. Scary stories, snacks and fun-times are expected until 10pm… When the blindfolds go on.

That’s when shit gets real.

Some “Spirits of Interest” include The Warden: a sadistic cigar smoking sociopath said to lurk the prison grounds. Personally overseeing the execution of numerous inmates, could this hardened law man lurk the halls today?

The notorious Boston Strangler. The dick-less dick flasher turned serial killer had a brief stint here when he was picked up on lewdness, and exposure charges. The murder of 13 women was attributed to the actions of this psychopath; will he… pop-up during our visit?

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