Monday Mass


April 29


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Brooklyn Paranormal Society

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603 Hart St

603 Hart St

Brooklyn, NY, US, 11221

Sincere believers are hereby invited to attend Monday Mass. Monday Mass is a cantheistic celebration, occurring Mondays from 7-8pm.

Cantheism is a word that signifies any and all attitudes towards the cannabis plant as a religious experience. While not technically a religion itself, it is a philosophy that examines the inherent religious nature of man’s interaction with the cannabis plant. The current legal argument in the U.S. against cannabis is that the laws are constitutional because they prohibit no specific religion from growing or consuming this plant. The fact is, they are openly prohibiting all religions from performing an ancient religious action: interacting with the cannabis plant.

Led by Guru Anthony (Cannabis Clergy), we open with Ntr Sentra Ritual.

The Ntr Sentra ritual, which is one of the oldest known religious rituals with variations of it appearing in religions and cultures around the world. Ntr Sentra is the sincerely held religious belief that divine smoke empowers and makes prayers more pleasing to the divine. “Ntr Sentra” literally means “the breath of the divine”. The modern English words “incense” and “frankincense” are derived from this ancient Egyptian phrase. The modern English word “nature” is derived from “Ntr” (Netcher) and the modern English word “scent” is derived from “Sentra”. While there is active debate as to when the ancient Egyptians included cannabis smoke in the Ntr Sentra ritual, it was clearly occurring by the time the Greeks entered their Golden Age.

After our opening ritual, you’re free to inquire about free psychic, spiritual and legal services while music and other activities are available. Guru Anthony provides the following services for free:

Certified with Pr Ntr Kmt to perform weddings, processions, circles, holy days sabbats, esbats, ceremonies, celebrations, fire jumpings, commitments, hand fastings, hand-partings, renewals, annulments, separations, divorces, funerals, natural healing artistry, blessings, namings, welcomings, baptisms, comings of age, rites of passage, affirmations,/dedications, readings, and/or other rituals.

Bring any and all people or objects for blessings. Dogs, cats, rabbits, grandmothers, or lucky keychains are welcome.

Ntr Sentra poem
Mau Bast! Mau Bast!
A Basti, per em setat,
erta-na chu em asui
neter sentra semu hena net’emmit,
hetep ab em asui tau heqt.

Hail Bast! Hail Bast!
Hail Bast, coming forth from the secret place,
may there be given to me splendor in the place
of incense (cannabis smoke), herbs, and love-joys,
peace of heart in the place of bread and beer.

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