Paranormal Activity Fort Greene Park

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society discovered Paranormal Activity Discovered At Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn! The fascinating paranormal encounter was caught and is currently being analyzed for paranormal anamolies.

Last week, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society had the honor of hosting the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival’s after party at Cherry Tree, with free tarot and psychic readings, a Stranger Things trivia challenge and prizes. At midnight, we hiked over to Fort Greene Park on a “Paranormal Safari” where we roasted marshmallows over a camp fire, listened to ghost stories and conducted a paranormal investigation.

Brooklyn is our stomping ground and this land is rife with history. Some would say, it is sacred ground. Brooklyn, it turns out, was a staging area for the Battle of Long Island, the first and largest battle of the American Revolutionary War. Fought on August 27, 1776, the battle claimed the lives of 300 American soldiers.

BKPS at Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument (Image via Andrew Arnett)

During the battle, a massacre took place after George Washington miscalculated British strategy, allowing his men stationed at the Heights of Guan to be attacked from the rear by 10,000 Hessians and Red Coats. Though they fought hard, thousands of Americans were cut down by British artillery and bayonets. Washington, who looked upon the battle from Brooklyn Heights, could only remark, “Good God, what brave fellows I must lose.”

Our paranormal investigation began at the entrance to the crypt of the Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument. This monument was erected in honor of the 11,500 American Revolutionary War soldiers who died under heinous conditions while kept as prisoners on British ships in Wallabout Bay. The crypt, where the dead soldiers were re-enterred, was built in 1873. A 149-foot Doric column was placed as a monument above it in 1908.

Paranormal Activity Discovered At Fort Greene Park
Anthony Long at Fort Green Park (Image via Andrew Arnett)

Anthony Long, Chief Ectoplasm Officer (CEO) of BKPS, started things off with Frank’s “Ghost Box,” a device which scans AM frequencies, allowing one to hear split second snippets from different frequencies. Through this EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), one can ask spirits questions and they can “answer” back.

We began by asking for a name. Surprisingly, the ghost box answered “Rose.” Immediately, upon hearing the name “Rose,” one of our newest BKPS members, an actress named Millie, let out a big squeal. We all jumped, and asked Millie who “Rose” was.

“Rose is a psychic I met about a month ago,” Millie said, “She told me a darkness has been following me.” I asked Millie what she was feeling, and she responded, “Immense sadness.”

Millie explained:

“As we were using the spirit box, I felt someone standing so close to me, I actually though it was Alejandro, so I turned around and there was something, or someone – it didn’t have a recognizable face. It was around my height so I thought it could’ve been a little girl. Then it went right through me, and I was freezing, and that’s when I felt immensely sad. The feeling of it – it was almost the same feeling I had on acid speaking to the ‘Elves.’ But it only felt that way when it passed through me.”

Most likely, the “Elves” from Millie’s psychedelic experiences referred to the “machine elves” of Terrence McKenna lore. Do theses “Elves” exist in a parallel dimension, similar to where the dead abide?

McKenna describes his DMT encounter with the elves as “Holographic viral projections from an autonomous continuum that was somehow intersecting my own. I thought . . . I had broken into an ecology of souls and that somehow I was getting a peep over the other side.”

This was interesting in and of itself but, I needed to know more about this “Rose” character.

“Rose has been wanting me to call her but I don’t know if I should,” explained Millie. “I don’t know how to tell the difference between an actual psychic and a sham. The ‘Elves’ gave me the impression that it’s possible for all humans to be psychic – it is part of our inevitable evolution as a species?”

Paranormal Activity Discovered At Fort Greene Park
BKPS at Fort Greene Park (Image via Andrew Arnett)

Certainly, the title Paranormal Activity Fort Greene means something unusual occurred at Fort Greene Park that night, but what did it all mean? Was it the ghost of an American Revolutionary War hero trying to communicate with us, or was it the presence of Millie’s psychic, trolling her for another psychic reading? Maybe, it was a recently deceased spirit belonging to one of many innumerable cases of people who’ve been murdered in the park over the years?

Or perhaps, it could have been nothing at all – just some random and anomalous sound coming through the ghost box with no connection to anything. Perhaps. Who knows for sure? One thing is certain – next time I find myself walking through Fort Greene Park alone in the dark, I’ll be glancing over my shoulders. A lot.

In the end, was Paranormal Activity Discovered At Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn? Yes! The Brooklyn Paranormal Society discovered evidence of multiple hauntings, via EVP‘s and orbs in photographs.

Story by Andrew Arnett

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