Spirits in the Studio

Spirits in the Studio: BKPS held a paranormal investigation at Douglass Recording, in Gowanus.

Housed in an old garage space in the Gowanus neighborhood, Douglass Recording opened after a half-decade of planning and development. Since opening, the studio has attracted stars such as Vanessa Carlton and Grace Mitchell.

Acting on a tip that indicated the studio was hosting a spiritual entity, BKPS reached out for comment. Chris Gilroy producer & house engineer at Douglass Recording stated “Ghosts can be felt in our walls…”.


When exploring the true paranormal and spiritual potential of Gowanus, multiple events must be taken in to consideration. The most paranormally productive however, would be the battles and skirmishes fought during the American Revolution.

The true body count of the revolution may never be known but 2,000 deaths have been confirmed. Multiple mass grave sites are rumored to exist. For years historians have been searching to uncover the history of Gowanus.

When asked about another suspected mass grave-site rumored to reside near 388 Union Avenue, Cecily Dyer of the Brooklyn Historical Society stated:

“What this sounds more like is the Revolutionary War-era mass grave of the Maryland 400, which is said to be in the area of Gowanus.”

The Maryland 400 were a group of brave soldiers who repeatedly rushed superior British forces during the Battle of Brooklyn.

256 of the Maryland 400 were buried by the British in a mass grave which is believed to be around the southwest corner of what is today 3rd Ave.


Researching EVP’s, and the Maryland 400 is advised for attending detectivesWithin ghost huntingelectronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

We’ll be joined by psychic-medium Cin Vega, who will be helping us make contact.

Using mediums, psychics, modern & cutting-edge ghost hunting equipment; will our members find evidence of life after death, and spirits?