The "Aroma of Tacoma" - demonic activity in Tacoma, Washington

The “Aroma of Tacoma”; the strong noxious odor that has long been present in Tacoma, Washington has caused many to question whether there may be signs of demonic activity at play in the city. Witnesses to the ghastly smell have reported feeling “possessed” and close to being “knocked-out.”

In this article, we will delve into the history of sulfur and its connection to demonology, examining the various traditions and mythologies in which sulfur has been linked to Hell and evil. We will explore the possibility that the sulfuric odor in Tacoma could be a sign of demonic influence, and consider what this might mean for those who have experienced it.

Sulfur and Demonology

Sulfur has a long and complex history of association with evil in various traditions and mythologies throughout the world. In ancient Greek mythology, sulfur was often associated with the underworld and was used as a symbol of damnation and punishment.

The association between sulfur; often called brimstone, and the underworld may have stemmed from the fact that sulfur was commonly found in volcanic regions, which were often associated with Hell in various religions and mythologies.

The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, associate Hell and evil with sulfur. In the Hebrew Bible, sulfur is mentioned as a component of the “burning wind” that God sends to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

The New Testament states sulfur is one of the elements that will be present in the lake of fire, a place of punishment for the wicked in the afterlife. In Islamic tradition, sulfur is also associated with Hell and is described as one of the substances that will be used to torture the damned.

Sulfur has also been used in various rituals and spells as a means of warding off evil spirits or attracting good luck. In some traditions, sulfur is believed to have protective properties and is used to create protective circles or talismans. The use of sulfur in rituals and spells may have originated from its association with Hell and the belief that it could repel or ward off evil spirits.

Popular movies and television shows, such as “Supernatural,” have helped to perpetuate the belief that sulfur, or the smell of rotten eggs, accompanies the presence of a demon. In the show, the characters often encounter demons that emit a strong sulfuric odor, and the smell is used as a sign of their presence. This portrayal of sulfur as a marker of demonic activity has contributed to the enduring belief that the smell of sulfur is a sign of evil or supernatural activity.

What’s Causing The “Aroma of Tacoma”?

The odor of Tacoma is largely attributed to pollution in Commencement Bay, which was once ranked as one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country, as well as industrial smokestacks and animal rendering facilities. Despite efforts to address the issue, the smell persisted for many years.

In the 1980s, the cleanup of Commencement Bay was placed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities list, and the EPA spent 25 years working with businesses and the community on initiatives to restore the bay. The Simpson Tacoma Kraft pulp and paper mill, one of the biggest contributors to the smell, also took steps to reduce their emissions in the 1990s. These efforts have largely been successful in improving the aroma of Tacoma.

Emma Johnson, witness to Aroma of Tacoma.
(c) Anthony Long – BKPS

“I almost passed out when I first smelled it. It was so overpowering and sickly. I couldn’t believe that people actually lived in a place where this was the norm.”

Emma Johnson, witness to “aroma of tacoma”

Is Tacoma, Washington Under Demonic Influence?

Despite the rumors and speculation, it is highly unlikely that the city of Tacoma, Washington is under demonic influence simply because of the smell of sulfur in the air. In fact, the smell is more likely caused by pollution in the city, specifically the pollution in Commencement Bay and industrial smokestacks.

However, if you do happen to notice a sudden increase in demonic activity in Tacoma, be sure to reach out to the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. Chances are we’ll be there investigating the city’s numerous reports of flying saucers.

Are you one of the lucky individuals who has had the unique opportunity to experience the mysterious sulfuric aroma in Tacoma, Washington? If so, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society wants to hear from you! Our team of dedicated paranormal specialists is excited to learn about your experience and offer support and guidance.

Don’t let your encounter with the unexplained go unexplored. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly specialists and learn more about what may have caused your experience. We are here to listen, offer encouragement, and help you find answers. So don’t hesitate, reach out to us today and let us help you navigate this exciting and potentially otherworldly experience!

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