A 35 mm photo of a ghost in Bensonhurst

Is Bensonhurst Haunted?

Bensonhurst, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, has a chilling reputation for being haunted. Dozens of times per year Brooklyn Paranormal Society receives emails asking “Is Bensonhurst Haunted?”. According to local residents and paranormal experts, the area is home to many ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Bensonhurst derives its name from Egbert Benson (1789-1866), a prominent New York lawyer and politician. His lands were sold by his descendants to James D. Lynch, a New York real estate developer, who built many of the neighborhood’s now infamous residential and commercial buildings.

According to local legend, many of the ghosts that haunt Bensonhurst are the spirits of former residents who were unable to find peace in the afterlife. Some of these ghosts are said to be the spirits of Italian immigrants who died in the area, and they are often seen roaming the streets and buildings of Bensonhurst.

The Haunted Mob History of Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst has a reputation for being haunted by the ghosts of its past. Many people believe that the area is home to the spirits of former residents, including some of the most ruthless, feared mobsters in New York City’s history. These gangsters were known for their violence and murder, and many residents of Bensonhurst have claimed to be haunted by their ghosts.

Italian beliefs about the afterlife are heavily influenced by the country’s traditional Roman Catholic religion. According to Catholic teachings, the souls of the deceased go to either heaven, hell, or purgatory after death.

In heaven, the souls of the righteous are united with God and experience eternal happiness and peace. In hell, the souls of the wicked are punished for their sins and suffer eternal torment. Purgatory is a place where the souls of those who are not completely free from sin undergo a purification process before entering heaven.

Italian Catholics believe that the souls of the deceased can intercede on behalf of the living, and that it is important to pray for the souls of the dead. Many Italian families have a tradition of setting a place at the table for deceased loved ones during special occasions, and they often visit cemeteries and place flowers on the graves of their ancestors.

Italian beliefs about the afterlife also include a belief in ghosts and spirits. Many people in Italy believe that the spirits of the dead can haunt the places where they lived or died, and they believe that it is important to show respect and honor to these spirits. In some cases, people may seek the help of spiritualists or other practitioners to communicate with the spirits of the deceased.

The close association between Bensonhurst and the Mafia has led many people to believe that the neighborhood is still haunted by the spirits of these notorious gangsters. Some people claim to have seen the ghosts of former mobsters roaming the streets and buildings of Bensonhurst, as if they are still conducting their criminal business.

“I was walking through Bensonhurst one day, and I saw this old man standing near a group of pigeons. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place him. Then the pigeons flew away all at once, and the old man disappeared too. I later learned that it was the ghost of Anthony ‘Old Man’ Spero, one of the most notorious Mafia bosses in the area. It was a chilling reminder of Bensonhurst’s haunted past.”

Jimmy S., a Bensonhurst resident and paranormal witness

While the Mafia’s hold on Bensonhurst has been weakened in recent years by crackdowns from law enforcement, the neighborhood still has a reputation for being associated with organized crime. There have been several high-profile incidents in recent years that have drawn attention to the Mafia’s continued presence in the area, including a ticket-fixing scandal and a brawl over pizza sauce.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it is clear that Bensonhurst has a rich and fascinating history that is steeped in violence and crime. For many people, the ghosts of the Mafia’s past continue to haunt the streets of the neighborhood, serving as a reminder of its dark history.

The Haunted Catering Hall of Bensonhurst

The Oriental Manor was a well-known haunted catering hall located in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. The hall had been in business for 53 years and was a popular venue for events such as weddings, parties, and other gatherings. However, it closed its doors in 2007. The building, which was featured in the movie “GoodFellas,” was sold and converted into a clothing store called American Place. Unfortunately, the store has been cited for sanitation violations for littering the sidewalk, causing concern among community members. The former ballroom, where the famous wedding scene was filmed in “GoodFellas,” is now a furniture store. This change of use and the sanitation violation has caused some disappointment and concern among members of the community who had fond memories of the former catering hall.

In Conclusion

Whether or not you believe in ghosts you may have asked “Is Bensonhurst Haunted?” to get here, and while it is clear that Bensonhurst has a rich and fascinating history that is steeped in violence and crime; it’s still not clear if it’s haunted. For many people, the ghosts of the Mafia’s past continue to haunt the streets of the neighborhood, serving as a reminder of its dark history. For others, there’s no truth to the tales of vendettas that transcend the grave.

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