Brooklyn Paranormal Society utilizes Psychic Vision when investigating.

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society is excited to investigate the reports of paranormal activity at Douglass Recording, a renowned recording studio located in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Known for its state-of-the-art equipment and vintage aesthetic, the studio has attracted a number of high-profile musicians and bands since its opening, including Vanessa Carlton and Grace Mitchell.

According to Chris Gilroy, the producer and house engineer at Douglass Recording, the studio has a reputation for being haunted. “We’ve definitely felt a presence here at the studio,” Gilroy said in an interview with BKPS. “Sometimes when we’re working late at night, we’ll hear strange noises or feel like someone is watching us. It’s definitely eerie, but it hasn’t affected our work. If anything, it’s added to the studio’s mystique.”

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society was thrilled to investigate the eerie reports of paranormal activity at Douglass Recording, a renowned recording studio located in the haunted Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

When exploring the true paranormal and spiritual potential of Gowanus, multiple events must be taken in to consideration. The most paranormally productive however, would be the battles and skirmishes fought during the American Revolution.

The American Revolution was a significant event in the history of Brooklyn, as well as the broader United States. The Revolutionary War was fought between the British Empire and the 13 colonies that would eventually become the United States. The war began in 1775 and ended in 1783, with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

During the war, Brooklyn was the site of several key battles and skirmishes. The most famous of these was the Battle of Brooklyn, which took place in August 1776. The battle, which was also known as the Battle of Long Island, was the first major engagement of the Revolutionary War. It resulted in a significant defeat for the Continental Army, with many soldiers being killed or captured.

Despite this defeat, the Revolutionary War continued for several more years, with both sides suffering heavy losses. In the end, the colonies were able to secure their independence from Britain, and the United States was born. The impact of the American Revolution on Brooklyn, and the country as a whole, continues to be felt to this day.

The true body count of the revolution may never be known but 2,000 deaths have been confirmed. Multiple mass grave sites are rumored to exist. For years historians have been searching to uncover the history of Gowanus.

When asked about another suspected mass grave-site rumored to reside near 388 Union Avenue, Cecily Dyer of the Brooklyn Historical Society stated:

“What this sounds more like is the Revolutionary War-era mass grave of the Maryland 400, which is said to be in the area of Gowanus.”

Cecily Dyer, Brooklyn Historical Society

The Maryland 400

The Maryland 400 were a group of soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War. They were a unit of the Continental Army, and they were instrumental in several key battles of the war, including the Battle of Brooklyn.

The Maryland 400 got their name because they were a unit of 400 soldiers from the state of Maryland. They were known for their bravery and determination, and they were willing to make great sacrifices in the name of freedom. During the Battle of Brooklyn, the Maryland 400 held off a much larger British force, allowing the rest of the Continental Army to retreat and regroup. Despite being greatly outnumbered, the Maryland 400 fought valiantly, and many of them lost their lives in the battle.

256 of the Maryland 400 were buried by the British in a mass grave which is believed to be around the southwest corner of what is today 3rd Ave.

Today, the Maryland 400 are remembered as heroes of the American Revolution, and their bravery and sacrifice are celebrated as an important part of American history.

Douglass Recording Paranormal Investigation

The team, which included a psychic, an empath, and a local historian, was eager to investigate the reports of paranormal activity at the studio.

As soon as the team arrived at Douglass Recording, they were immediately struck by the eerie atmosphere. The psychic began to communicate with the spirits, who mentioned names and simple words. The empath, who is able to sense the emotions and energy of spirits, felt the presence of souls who had passed.

The local historian also added to the spooky atmosphere by speaking at length about the history of the property. According to the historian, the studio was built on the site of a former military barracks, which was used during the American Revolution. Many soldiers lost their lives on the property, and the historian believes that their spirits may still be haunting the studio.

As the night wore on, the team continued to gather evidence of paranormal activity. They captured audio recordings of strange noises and captured images of unexplained movements. Despite the eerie atmosphere, the team was excited to be able to investigate the reports of paranormal activity at Douglass Recording.

During their investigation at Douglass Recording, the members of the Brooklyn Paranormal Society were comparing pictures with each other, looking for orbs and other anomalies. Orbs are often considered to be a sign of paranormal activity, as they are typically seen as glowing balls of light in photographs.

As the team went through their pictures, they were excited to find several orbs in their images. In some cases, the orbs were clearly visible, while in others they were more difficult to spot. The team spent a lot of time discussing the orbs and what they might mean, and they were excited to have captured such clear evidence of paranormal activity.

In addition to orbs, the team also looked for other anomalies in their pictures. These included streaks of light, mist, and other strange shapes. While not all of these were necessarily signs of paranormal activity, the team was excited to see so many anomalies in their pictures.

In the end, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society concluded that there is indeed a spiritual presence at Douglass Recording. Whether it is the spirits of fallen soldiers or something else entirely, the team is eager to continue their investigation and uncover the truth about the haunted recording studio.

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