Brooklyn Paranormal Society at Brooklyn Escape Rooms

In an intriguing excursion into the unknown, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS) recently embarked on a ghost hunt at the Brooklyn Escape Rooms, uncovering eerie encounters in their uniquely themed rooms. This journalistic piece delves into their chilling experiences.

The Radioactive Wasteland Adventure

The investigation commenced in a room themed as a radioactive wasteland, a post-apocalyptic setting that was both unnerving and exhilarating. The BKPS team, equipped with their standard ghost-hunting gear, navigated through the dimly lit space. Their EMF meters and thermal cameras were on high alert, searching for any signs of paranormal activity. The atmosphere was heavy with a mix of fear and curiosity as the team moved cautiously, interpreting the slightest anomalies as potential spectral evidence

UFO Themed Encounter

Next, the team explored a UFO-themed room. This setting, designed to mimic an extraterrestrial environment, was complete with intricate alien designs and space-like ambience. The BKPS members reported experiencing a sense of disorientation, a common occurrence in hauntings associated with alien encounters. Their equipment picked up unusual electromagnetic frequencies, adding a layer of authenticity to their otherworldly experience.

Haunted House with a Twist

However, it was the haunted house room, filled with an array of creepy dolls, that offered the most harrowing experience. Kor Skeete, a Psychic-Empath with BKPS, faced an unnerving situation here. As he navigated the room, he felt an overwhelming sense of dread. Suddenly, a dozen dolls seemed to attack him on a soil-stained child-sized mattress. This incident was particularly disturbing, blurring the lines between the paranormal and the psychological. The lead detective and founder of BKPS, present during this incident, described the scene as “a chilling blend of the physical and the metaphysical, where the dolls’ attack on Kor wasn’t just a manifestation of fear, but a palpable entity.” This statement highlights the intensity of the encounter, suggesting a deeper, more sinister presence at play.

The Mystery of the Basement Trunk

The investigation culminated in the basement, where the team discovered a haunted, locked trunk. This antique piece exuded a malevolent aura, as if harboring secrets from a bygone era. The BKPS team, exercising caution, attempted to communicate with any spirits associated with the trunk, using a combination of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings and psychic mediums. The responses, though faint and ambiguous, suggested a lingering presence, tied to the trunk’s mysterious past. In conclusion, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society’s investigation at the Brooklyn Escape Rooms provided a fascinating glimpse into the paranormal. Each themed room offered its own unique and unsettling experiences, challenging the team’s perceptions of reality and the supernatural. The encounter with the attacking dolls, in particular, will remain etched in their memories as a stark reminder of the unseen forces that may dwell among us.

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society investigates Brooklyn Escape Rooms.

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