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Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery is a popular pastime for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this allegedly haunted 478-acre cemetery is home to over 560,000 permanent residents, many of whom are said to still roam the grounds.

On March 11th, 2023, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society will be taking a trolley tour through Green-Wood Cemetery, led by one of their veteran psychics. This supernatural event is not to be missed, with less than 8 tickets still available.

During the tour, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society will be using state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment to try and communicate with the spirits that are believed to still roam the cemetery. They will also be relying on the mediumship abilities of their psychic to connect with the other side and gather information about the ghosts that call Green-Wood Cemetery home.

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery
Psychic Trolley Tour is an upcoming event by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society.

But what makes Green-Wood Cemetery such a haunted location? For starters, the cemetery was established in 1838, and many of the first burials took place during a cholera outbreak. This alone could account for some of the ghostly activity reported at the cemetery.

In addition to this, Green-Wood Cemetery is the final resting place for many notable figures, including Leonard Bernstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. It’s possible that the spirits of these influential people could still be present at the cemetery, either by choice or because they have unfinished business.

One of the most famous ghosts at Green-Wood Cemetery is that of Samuel Leggett, a wealthy merchant who is said to haunt the chapel at the cemetery. Legend has it that Leggett’s ghost can be seen pacing the chapel, wringing his hands in despair.

Other ghosts said to haunt Green-Wood Cemetery include a woman in a white dress who has been spotted walking through the graves, a man with a top hat who is often seen sitting on a bench, and a ghostly horse and carriage that have been witnessed driving through the cemetery.

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the chance to join the Brooklyn Paranormal Society on their trolley tour investigating Green-Wood Cemetery. With less than 8 tickets remaining, be sure to act fast and secure your spot on this exciting supernatural event.

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