Bodies Found in Gowanus Canal

An alarming rise in the amount of bodies found in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn have painted a disturbing and eerie picture. The past few weeks have unraveled shocking mysteries with two dead bodies discovered in the waters of the canal. The darkening twist to these discoveries is that both victims shared a chilling similarity: they were last seen leaving Brooklyn Mirage, a popular events complex in Bushwick.

The most recent victims body pulled from the Gowanus Canal’s murk made headlines: “Body pulled from NYC waterway identified as missing Goldman Sachs staffer, family says.” The unfortunate victim’s connection to such a prestigious institution brings the gravity of the situation to a higher level. The dangers that lurk around Gowanus seem more real and ever-present.

But the alarming discoveries don’t stop at the canal. Newton Creek’s gate bridge, not far from the canal, seems to be sheltering a sinister secret. Hidden through a gate on the side of the bridge is what appears to be a hideout. A few weeks before the first disappearance, a trail of old clothes leading to a modest shed was observed by a passerby. While it might be brushed off as a mere homeless encampment by some, the ambiance of the place is unsettling and casts a shadow of suspicion.

As perturbing as these recent incidents are, they’re not the only dark tales associated with the Gowanus Canal. The tale of Gowanus is especially heart-wrenching from an ecological perspective. What was once a thriving saltmarsh and creek, rich with clean oysters, has today degenerated into a toxic stew. Originally fed by marshland springs, the pristine waters of Gowanus would flow into the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Today, barring the intermittent flushing pump, the canal is nearly static. This 1.8-mile stretch of once-crystalline water now bears the ignominy of being virtually an open sewer, surrounded by Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). During storms, these CSOs become outlets for raw sewage, further polluting the canal.

A grim glance at Gowanus’s history reveals the depth of its degradation. The once-teeming waters are now layered with toxins. Chemicals and waste, remnants of years gone by, lurk in the depths, with some debris even floating at the surface. Recognizing the extent of this environmental disaster, the EPA finally stepped in, designating the Gowanus Canal as a superfund site in 2010.

It’s not just bodies from the past being found in the Gowanus Canal that’s causing headlines. The future seems to behold sinister stories, as there’s efforts to renovate, and rebuild the canal. Some are speculating there’s shipwrecks, cars, animal, and more human remains to be found at the waterbed. As the mysteries around the dead bodies and the suspicious hideout deepen, it’s crucial for the Brooklyn community to be alert and cautious.

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