Haunted Porta Potty

As I sit here, trying to gather my thoughts about David Flynn’s short story “Haunted Porta Potty,” I can’t help but shake the feeling that I may have just stumbled upon one of the most absurd and hilarious things I’ve ever read.

Yes, you read that right. A haunted porta potty. It’s the stuff of nightmares, and yet Flynn somehow managed to make it the subject of a hilarious and absurd tale.

When I set out to write this article, I was fully expecting to come up empty-handed in my search for real stories of haunted port-a-potties. I mean, who in their right mind would write a story about a haunted portable toilet? But then I found Flynn’s story, and everything changed…

David Flynn
David Flynn – Author

In “Haunted Porta Potty”, Flynn tells the tale of a group of construction workers who encounter a strange, haunted portable toilet on a cemetery construction site. The toilet is haunted by the ghost of a little girl with blonde curls and a blood-filled right eye, and as more and more of the workers disappear inside, they become desperate to solve the mystery.

As the story unfolds, the workers try to avoid the haunted toilet, but they can’t help but be drawn to it. And in the end, the toilet simply disappears into the clouds, leaving the workers to wonder what happened to their missing colleagues.

While I came up empty-handed in my search for real stories of haunted porta potty’s, I’ll forever be haunted by Flynn’s article. It’s a bizarre and hilarious tale that showcases his unique sense of humor and his ability to craft memorable and quirky characters. And if you’re a fan of strange and humorous stories, you won’t want to miss it.

Overall, “Haunted Porta Potty” is a hilarious and absurd short story that will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it. Its unique and quirky premise, combined with Flynn’s skillful writing, make it a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. So if you’re in the mood for something different and entertaining, be sure to give “Haunted Porta Potty” a try.

1Flynn, David. “Haunted Porta Potty Latest.” Terror House (2019): n. pag. Print.

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