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Residents of New York City were shocked to see unidentified flying objects hovering over the city skyline last night. Was a real UFO Spotted in NYC?

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society received several reports of the strange sightings and has even received photographic evidence from a witness. The images were provided by the member who wished to remain anonymous, and allegedly show the unidentified flying object as it was hovering in the air.

UFO Spotted in NYC
Photographic evidence of the UFO circled in purple.

On December 12th, 2022 at 8:22 PM, the witness in Brooklyn, NY saw a bright orange light in the sky. The light had an aura or haze around it and was not moving like the other lights in the sky, which the witness identified as planes.

The light would become bright, dim, and then disappear. This occurred three times before the light fully disappeared. The sighting lasted for a total of three minutes.

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society is currently investigating this UFO sighting and is asking for any additional information or evidence from witnesses.

The history of UFO sightings dates back to ancient times, with stories and legends of strange, otherworldly objects appearing in the sky. In more recent times, there have been numerous reported sightings of UFOs around the world. These sightings have sparked debates and theories about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and their possible visit to Earth.

NYC has not been immune to UFO sightings, with several reports of strange objects in the sky over the past few decades. However, last night’s sightings seem to be particularly unusual, with multiple witnesses reporting seeing the objects at the same time. In fact “UFO Spotted in NYC” is a some-what popular search term on Google, and social media networks.

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society is taking these reports seriously and is currently investigating the possibility of UFO activity in and around NYC. The organization, which is dedicated to studying and investigating paranormal phenomena, has urged any witnesses to come forward with any additional information or evidence.

While it is still too early to determine the cause of these UFO sightings, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is committed to finding the truth behind these strange occurrences. Whether the objects in the sky were of earthly or extraterrestrial origin, one thing is for certain: the sight of UFOs over NYC has left a lasting impression on those who saw it.

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