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The Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS) is known for investigating haunted and mysterious locations, and Wonderville, a popular bar and entertainment venue in Brooklyn, is no exception. With a rich history of supernatural encounters and chilling incidents, Wonderville has piqued the interest of paranormal enthusiasts, including the BKPS, who recently launched another investigation at the site.

Wonderville: A Haunted History

Located on land with a long and storied past, Wonderville is believed to host a myriad of spirits from different eras. The area was the site of the Battle of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War in 1776, where thousands of lives were lost. In more recent times, the venue found itself at the epicenter of the infamous 1977 New York City blackout, which led to widespread riots and looting in Brooklyn. Many believe that the spirits of those who perished in these events still linger in the area, adding to the haunted atmosphere of Wonderville.

First Contact: A Spirit Box Encounter

The BKPS first visited Wonderville for an investigation in 2022, where they were astonished by the level of activity they encountered. Utilizing a spirit box, a device that scans radio frequencies to enable communication with spirits, the investigators were contacted by an entity that seemed to know the name of the person running the spirit box session. This experience solidified Wonderville’s reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity and inspired the BKPS to return for a more in-depth investigation.

The Second Investigation: A Change of Plans

For their second investigation, the BKPS planned to enlist the help of alleged psychic Sakura. Unfortunately, Sakura did not show up for the investigation, forcing the BKPS to adapt their plans.

Despite the setback, the team continued with their investigation, exploring all three rooms of Wonderville: the bar, the stage/arcade, and the outdoor space. The team used an array of advanced equipment to document the paranormal activity, capturing audio and visual evidence that will fuel further research.

The ongoing investigation of Wonderville by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society serves as a reminder of the rich and haunted history that surrounds us. As the team continues to explore this enigmatic venue, one can only wonder what other secrets are waiting to be uncovered within its walls. The reported paranormal activity at Wonderville highlights the potential existence of the supernatural and the need for further investigation and understanding of these unexplainable events.

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