Types of Supernatural Entities

When it comes to the supernatural, there are countless entities that people believe in, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. From ghosts and poltergeists to elementals and demons, these entities have captivated the imaginations of people for centuries. In this article, we will delve into the world of the supernatural and explore seven distinct types of entities that are often associated with the paranormal.


Ghosts are perhaps the most well-known type of supernatural entity. They are typically thought to be the spirits of the dead that have not yet moved on to the afterlife. Ghosts are often described as having a human-like appearance, and they are said to be able to interact with the living in various ways, such as moving objects or making strange noises. Some people believe that ghosts are simply memories or echoes of the past, while others believe that they are actual spirits of the deceased.


Apparitions can take many different forms, from a human-like figure to a misty or partially transparent presence. They can be seen as anything from a person who walked through a solid wall, or if no one else notices him, you might begin to suspect that you had just seen an apparition. Apparitions can be associated with residual haunting, a type of haunting that is thought to be a recorded version of an event that plays and replays over decades or even centuries. The entities in a haunting of this type do not seem to be aware of onlookers and don’t interact with them in any way.

Shadow People

Types of Supernatural Entities
Types of Supernatural Entities

Also known as shadow men or shadow beings, they are often described as black humanoid silhouettes, usually without any details, although they are sometimes reported to have red or yellow eyes. They are considered a type of apparition, their movements are often said to be very jiggly and abnormal or extremely slow and slippery, like a liquid shadow.


These malevolent spirits are believed to be a category of entities quite distinct from either a ghost or an apparition. They are often associated with evil and are thought to take delight in tormenting the living. Reports of demons predate the Bible and accounts of them have existed in one form or another in every civilization of which we have a record. They are often called evil spirits and some people believe that they are fallen angels.


Poltergeists are classified as non-human entities that produce destructive phenomena. They are capable of starting fires, rearranging furniture, throwing objects, and producing human-sounding voices and footsteps. Poltergeists are usually heard but not seen, and often associated with troubled individuals, however, not all cases of poltergeist activity involve troubled individuals. These hauntings aren’t always easily categorized and they are known for their noise and physical manifestation, which can be quite chaotic.


Another one of the types of supernatural entities are elementals. Elementals are often described as primitive and malevolent beings or forces that attach themselves to a particular location. Elemental spirits are believed to be comprised of what the ancients perceived as the building blocks of the world—earth, air, fire, and water. Some magicians and sorcerers believed they could use these spirits to do their bidding through a process called binding, but it was known to backfire.

Extraterrestrial Entities

These entities are believed to be from other planets or galaxies, and have been described in different ways, from little grey men to giant reptilians. Some people believe that extraterrestrial entities have visited or are still visiting Earth, others see them as a form of spirit entities, and some others see them as a product of imagination. The study of extraterrestrial entities is not a recognized scientific field, but it has garnered a significant amount of interest and attention in recent years. Many people have claimed to have had encounters with extraterrestrial entities, and some even claim to have been abducted by them. The evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial entities is largely based on anecdotal accounts and is often met with skepticism from the scientific community.

While there is no scientific proof for the existence of any of these entities, the idea of the supernatural is an intriguing one. People have been fascinated by these entities for centuries, and continue to be so today. Whether you believe in ghosts, poltergeists, elementals, demons, extraterrestrial entities or any other supernatural entities, there is no denying that the idea of the paranormal is a spooky and captivating one.

It’s important to note that when studying or investigating the supernatural, it’s always best to approach it with a scientific mindset. Keeping an open mind and being willing to consider alternative explanations is crucial. It’s also important to consider the possible psychological and cultural factors that may influence people’s perceptions of the supernatural.

In conclusion, the world of the supernatural is vast and varied, with many different types of entities that people believe in. From ghosts and poltergeists to elementals and demons, each of these entities has its own unique characteristics and abilities. While the scientific evidence for their existence is limited, the fascination with the supernatural will continue to captivate the human imagination.

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