Brooklyn Paranormal Society Reaches the 300 Article Milestone

In the world of the supernatural, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS) has become a household name, known for its relentless pursuit of the unexplained. As we celebrate the remarkable achievement of reaching our 300th article, it’s a momentous opportunity to reflect on our incredible journey since our inception in 2015. From humble beginnings with nothing but wine to guide us, we have grown into a global juggernaut in the field of paranormal investigation, with countless adventures, investigations, and a treasure trove of stories to share. Now let’s get in to the Brooklyn Paranormal Society Milestone…

The Genesis: 2015 and Humble Beginnings

In 2015, Anthony, the founder of BKPS, embarked on a journey into the unknown, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the paranormal. With no specialized equipment and just a bottle of wine to bolster their courage, the early members of BKPS began their exploration of Brooklyn’s eerie legends and hidden mysteries. These initial endeavors were characterized by late-night excursions to haunted locales and encounters with the supernatural, documented through the haze of wine-induced bravery.

Not long after, a chance encounter with a flyer would see BKPS co-founder Andrew Arnett join forces with Anthony. Intrepid journalist – Andrew intially wrote the content for the BKPS website and covered topics such as the Stanley Hotel. Since joining the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, Andrew has went on to co-host an episode of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

From Brooklyn to Beyond: Expanding Horizons

The BKPS journey quickly transcended the borough’s borders, propelling its members to explore haunted locations far beyond Brooklyn. Their forays into Kentucky, known for its rich history of ghostly tales, left an indelible mark on the society. Trips to haunted asylums, abandoned mansions, and historic battlefields became a norm, and each experience added to the growing compendium of paranormal knowledge.

Documenting the Supernatural: The Power of the Written Word

Central to BKPS’s mission has been the act of documenting their paranormal encounters. From wine bar ghost hunts to transcontinental expeditions, their tales have been meticulously chronicled in articles that have captivated readers around the world. These stories have not only informed and entertained but have also encouraged others to explore the mystical realms that BKPS navigates with such enthusiasm.

The Interviews: Looking Back and Looking Forward

We had the opportunity to sit down with Anthony, the visionary founder of BKPS, to gain insight into the society’s journey and its future. Anthony shared, “Reaching the 300-article milestone is a testament to the dedication of our members and our unwavering commitment to unraveling the mysteries of the paranormal. Moving forward, we have exciting plans in store, including the publication of more articles that delve even deeper into the supernatural. We’re also venturing into the world of TikTok live ghost hunting to engage with our audience in real-time. The paranormal world has much in store for us, and we can’t wait to share it with our readers.”


The Brooklyn Paranormal Society’s journey to its 300th article is a remarkable testament to the enduring allure of the unknown and the insatiable curiosity that drives us to explore it. From their modest beginnings with nothing but wine to guide them, BKPS has evolved into a global force in the paranormal realm, captivating audiences with their tales of ghostly encounters and supernatural mysteries. As they embark on new adventures, engage with their audience on TikTok, and continue to document their exploits, one thing is certain – the Brooklyn Paranormal Society’s quest for the unexplained is far from over, and the world eagerly awaits their next thrilling revelation.

Brooklyn Paranormal Society Milestone

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