The pursuit of the paranormal is a treacherous path, shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Many skeptics view the investigation of the paranormal as a black-and-white issue of intellect versus instinct. However, as an experienced paranormal investigator knows, both intellect and instinct play a vital role in unraveling the secrets of the unknown. Build on your ghost hunting instincts with this informative article.

Building your Ghost Hunting Instincts

Your intellect and observational skills are crucial in your investigations. As a good investigator, you should always look for natural explanations for any observed or reported phenomenon before concluding that an event is paranormal in origin. It is important to use your intellect and skepticism to rule out any mundane explanations. But this does not mean that instinct should be disregarded. Instinct can be a valuable tool, it can guide you to certain areas or rooms where your investigation may bear fruit. It is important to find a balance between intellect and intuition.

As an investigator, you must learn to hone your observational skills to almost supernatural levels. You must assess and observe the location objectively, releasing your emotions and preconceptions. You must examine the facts and make your own observations and judgments.

As you delve deeper into the unknown, you will inevitably encounter circumstances that cannot be explained by any natural law or debunked by an everyday explanation. When this happens, it is important to maintain an open and alert state of mind. But this is not always easy, as the human mind may freeze or race out of control when confronted by something it cannot understand.

To cope with these reactions, it is important to work with a partner and use technology to keep an objective record of the event. The use of technology can help to keep emotions in check and provide a sense of detachment and objectivity. This way you can maintain a professional demeanor and avoid ridicule and criticism that often comes with ghost hunting field.

In conclusion, building your ghost hunting instincts is a continuous process, it requires a balance of intellect and intuition, honed observational skills, and an open mind. It also requires a scrupulous attitude, that not only helps to build the team’s credibility but also brings higher standards to the field that is desperately needed. Remember to trust your ghost hunting instincts, but never lose sight of the importance of using your intellect and skepticism to rule out any mundane explanations.

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