Roy Godwin’s Encounter with an Angel

In December 1981, on a frosty evening, a remarkable visit between an angel and Roy Godwin took place. This extraordinary encounter with an angel was captured in a riveting eye witness interview available on YouTube.

As Roy was driving with his wife and children on a wide main road through a forest, a seemingly mundane journey turned into a life-altering event. Suddenly, four headlights appeared side by side immediately in front of their car, as one vehicle attempted to overtake another. Instinctively, Roy swerved the car to the left onto a grass verge to avoid a head-on collision. Unfortunately, the car that was in front collided with their vehicle, resulting in a serious accident.

The situation grew dire as both the police and an ambulance arrived at the scene. Smoke began to emanate from the front of the car, and Roy found himself trapped inside the mangled vehicle. He recalls a moment of clarity when he believed he was facing death.

However, amidst the chaos and wreckage, something miraculous occurred. Roy described a figure suddenly emerging from the darkness. This mysterious figure walked with unwavering determination straight through the impenetrable forest, seemingly unaffected by the brambles and obstacles in his path. He reached the side of Roy’s car and climbed inside, despite the seat being covered in broken glass.

Although Roy couldn’t see the stranger’s face due to the hood of his coat, he felt an indescribable sensation as the figure placed his arm across Roy’s shoulder. It was as if an incredible force and power were surging through him. The experience was unlike anything Roy had ever felt before.

As time passed, ambulance personnel began tending to Roy’s family, preparing to transport them to the hospital. The enigmatic figure sitting next to Roy then spoke with a commanding voice, instructing the ambulance crew to bring Roy’s wife to him. His message was clear: Roy and his family would be together again and whole, and he was to disregard any other information he received.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Roy was immediately wheeled into the operating theater. The doctors, shocked by the extent of his injuries, asked for permission to amputate his left foot and lower leg. However, Roy couldn’t consent to this procedure, as he heard the words of the mysterious figure echoing in his mind. He refused amputation and still possesses his left foot today.

In the weeks following the accident, the police visited Roy to inquire about the incident. They were baffled by the fact that he had survived such a catastrophic collision and were equally intrigued by the figure who had been in the car with him. This figure had wielded an authority that prompted the ambulance crew to obey his instructions without hesitation.

Roy firmly believes that this extraordinary encounter was an encounter with an angel sent by God. It was a moment that provided him with unwavering faith, assuring him that he was not alone and that he was loved. His story has served as an inspiration to many, a reminder that there are forces beyond our understanding that can intervene in our lives in the most profound and unexpected ways.

In the end, Roy Godwin’s encounter with an angel stands as a remarkable testament to the inexplicable and the miraculous, a story that continues to inspire and uplift those who hear it.

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