Founded in 2015, BKPS has been dedicated to investigating people, places, and paranormal activity and providing support and guidance to those in need. Our team has conducted investigations at hundreds haunted locations throughout Brooklyn and beyond, and have helped countless individuals understand and cope with their paranormal experiences, and learn more about them.

We are experts with using EMF meters, thermal cameras, night vision cameras, voice recorders, flashlights, compasses, thermometers, motion sensors, laser grids, EVP devices, infrared thermometers, air quality monitors, humidity and temperature sensors, Geiger counters, laser pointers, and dowsing rods on paranormal investigations. We also have experience explaining about the tools and techniques used both during our investigations, and by other teams.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to search for ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, and we are always on the lookout for unexplainable events across the world.

In addition to our paranormal investigations, we also offer ghost hunts, spiritual support, workshops and events, and ghost tours. We believe that everyone should have access to support and guidance related to the paranormal. To learn more about our no cost investigations, contact the team.

Our upcoming ghost hunts include a paranormal investigation of Bedford-Stuyvesant where we’ll hunt for the spirit of the Notorious B.I.G. and finish the evening with beers. After, join us for a psychic trolley tour of Green-Wood cemetery, where artists, poets, politicians, and more are buried; and rumored to still roam. Finally, we have an unannounced investigation at a local bar/arcade we’re excited to tell the world about soon.

Thanks for learning about BKPS. Join us on our next paranormal investigation and see for yourself what lies beyond the veil, or contact us to collaborate.