BAM Harvey Theater

Bam Harvey Theater Left Stage

BAM Harvey Theater, once known as the Majestic Theater was built in Brooklyn in 1904, in an age with little workplace safety, or workers legal protections. A destination for vaudeville, and later feature films – the theater was redesigned in recent years, lending to the speculation that it has a haunted history.

In contrast to the opulence life of Harvey Lichtenstein, architect Hugh Hardy redesigned the interior of the theater in 1999 leaving it, well – in ruins. Hardy left the interior paint faded when redesigning, with exposed aged brick that lends to a unique feel of a “modern ruin”. The theater when empty projects a garish vibe, almost a factory for paranormal experiences.

While CNN named them as one of the “15 of the World’s Most Spectacular Theaters” back in ’06, we place this haunt on a different list — the most haunted theater in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving five paranormal hotline tips that the site was hosting paranormal activity, we investigated.

On BKPS‘s first visit to BAM Harvey Theater we patrolled the outside, having arrived unannounced and after-hours. The Brooklyn Paranormal Society (aided by a psychic) identified the spirit of a construction worker lingering near a staircase. We were invited back for a second visit, where we found a beautiful spirit. Below is photographic evidence obtained during our paranormal investigation. Check out our paranormal investigation at BAM.