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Unraveling the Haunted Mysteries of Wonderville

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS) is known for investigating haunted and mysterious locations, and Wonderville, a popular bar and entertainment venue in Brooklyn, is no exception. With a rich history of supernatural encounters and chilling incidents, Wonderville has piqued the interest of paranormal enthusiasts, including the BKPS, who recently launched another investigation at the site.

Wonderville: A Haunted History

Located on land with a long and storied past, Wonderville is believed to host a myriad of spirits from different eras. The area was the site of the Battle of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War in 1776, where thousands of lives were lost. In more recent times, the venue found itself at the epicenter of the infamous 1977 New York City blackout, which led to widespread riots and looting in Brooklyn. Many believe that the spirits of those who perished in these events still linger in the area, adding to the haunted atmosphere of Wonderville.

First Contact: A Spirit Box Encounter

The BKPS first visited Wonderville for an investigation in 2022, where they were astonished by the level of activity they encountered. Utilizing a spirit box, a device that scans radio frequencies to enable communication with spirits, the investigators were contacted by an entity that seemed to know the name of the person running the spirit box session. This experience solidified Wonderville’s reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity and inspired the BKPS to return for a more in-depth investigation.

The Second Investigation: A Change of Plans

For their second investigation, the BKPS planned to enlist the help of alleged psychic Sakura. Unfortunately, Sakura did not show up for the investigation, forcing the BKPS to adapt their plans.

Despite the setback, the team continued with their investigation, exploring all three rooms of Wonderville: the bar, the stage/arcade, and the outdoor space. The team used an array of advanced equipment to document the paranormal activity, capturing audio and visual evidence that will fuel further research.

The ongoing investigation of Wonderville by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society serves as a reminder of the rich and haunted history that surrounds us. As the team continues to explore this enigmatic venue, one can only wonder what other secrets are waiting to be uncovered within its walls. The reported paranormal activity at Wonderville highlights the potential existence of the supernatural and the need for further investigation and understanding of these unexplainable events.

Brooklyn Paranormal Society Hosts A Séance

Brooklyn Paranormal Society Hosts A Séance

On the evening of March 11th, 2023, we, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS), hosted an extraordinary séance in the elegant condominium of Liz Pop, a longtime member of our society. Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Park Slope and near the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, her home served as the perfect setting for an evening of mystique and otherworldly encounters.

As we gathered in the dimly-lit living room, the air was thick with anticipation. Fourteen attendees, including two renowned psychics—James and Sakura—were present, as well as a journalist and the founder and co-founder of BKPS, Anthony Long and Andrew Arnett. Our purpose that night was to delve into the unknown and make contact with spirits that lingered within the confines of Liz Pop’s home. Liz, a widow, believed she was haunted by the spirit of her late ex-husband, Dee Pop, the drummer of the band Bush Tetras.

The auditory experience for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society séance was masterfully curated by Luciform, who enveloped the room with ambient music that seemed to resonate with our very souls. The soft melodies, in harmony with flickering candlelight, cast a warm glow upon the participants as we prepared for the séance. Assembled around the table, we joined hands, forming a circle of unity and trust.

The séance began with psychic James taking the lead, guiding us as he channeled energy from the spiritual realm. His deep, soothing voice commanded the room as he invoked the spirits, beckoning them to communicate with us. As the minutes ticked by, the atmosphere grew dense, as though the very air was charged with supernatural energy.

It wasn’t long before we encountered multiple spirits, each with their own distinct presence. In one video captured by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society during the séance, a disembodied voice whispered, “No one’s coming in.” The words sent chills down our spines, a tangible reminder that we were not alone.

As the séance progressed, we felt an invisible wave of energy sweep across the room. In an instant, the lit candles adorning the table were disrupted, their flames flickering wildly as though disturbed by an unseen force. The event snapped us out of focus, and several group members, including our founder Anthony Long, looked shocked and disturbed by the experience.

“I was skeptical until the very moment I felt the energy crash through the room,” Anthony admitted later, his voice still tinged with awe. “I’ve always approached these investigations with a critical eye, but what I experienced tonight is beyond any rational explanation.”

Erik M, another attendee and believer in the paranormal, was equally stunned by the evening’s events. “I’ve always been open to the possibility of the supernatural, but seeing psychic James channel energy and communicate with the spirits was nothing short of astounding,” he shared, his eyes wide with disbelief.

Throughout the evening, we continued to communicate with the spirits, each exchange leaving an indelible mark on our souls. As we delved deeper into the spiritual world, we uncovered the story of a widow who had sought out the BKPS in hopes of making contact with her deceased husband. She longed for closure and the chance to bid him a proper farewell. Through the séance, we were able to facilitate this heart-wrenching exchange and, in doing so, gained a deeper understanding of the sorrow and longing that can transcend the boundaries between life and death.

The séance proved to be an eye-opening experience for all present, from the skeptics to the believers. As we closed the session and said our goodbyes to the spirits, the room seemed to grow lighter, as if a weight had been lifted. We emerged from the shadows of the unknown, forever changed by our encounters with the spiritual realm.

As the attendees dispersed, a palpable sense of camaraderie lingered among us. We had delved into the mysteries of the paranormal together, forming bonds that transcended the realms of logic and reason. Those who had entered the séance as skeptics left with their beliefs shaken, while the believers found their faith in the supernatural reaffirmed.

In the days following the séance, the atmosphere within Liz Pop’s home felt lighter, as if a sense of closure had been achieved. While we cannot definitively say whether the spirit of her late ex-husband, Dee Pop, was among those we encountered that night, the experience provided Liz with solace and a deeper understanding of the world beyond our own.

For the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, this séance was more than just an investigation—it was a journey into the depths of human emotion and a testament to the power of the unknown. In our quest to uncover the secrets of the spiritual realm, we found ourselves confronted with the very essence of life itself: love, loss, and the eternal bond between souls.

As we continue our explorations into the mysterious and enigmatic world of the paranormal, we are reminded of the value of approaching these investigations with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unknown. It is only through this openness that we can hope to unravel the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of our mortal existence.

We, the members of the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, extend our heartfelt gratitude to Liz Pop for opening her home and sharing her story with us. We also wish to express our appreciation to the psychics, James and Sakura, for their invaluable guidance during the séance, and to Luciform for the mesmerizing auditory experience that set the stage for our otherworldly encounter.

As we venture forth into the shadows, we carry with us the memories of that fateful night—the whispers of the spirits, the flickering candlelight, and the invisible energy that swept through the room. Our exploration of the paranormal continues, forever guided by the knowledge and experiences we have gained.

For those who dare to believe, the realm of the supernatural is a world filled with mystery and wonder. As we continue our journey into the unknown, we invite you to join us, and together, we will seek to uncover the secrets that lie hidden in the shadows.

Psychic Trolley Tour

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery is a popular pastime for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this allegedly haunted 478-acre cemetery is home to over 560,000 permanent residents, many of whom are said to still roam the grounds.

On March 11th, 2023, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society will be taking a trolley tour through Green-Wood Cemetery, led by one of their veteran psychics. This supernatural event is not to be missed, with less than 8 tickets still available.

During the tour, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society will be using state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment to try and communicate with the spirits that are believed to still roam the cemetery. They will also be relying on the mediumship abilities of their psychic to connect with the other side and gather information about the ghosts that call Green-Wood Cemetery home.

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery
Psychic Trolley Tour is an upcoming event by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society.

But what makes Green-Wood Cemetery such a haunted location? For starters, the cemetery was established in 1838, and many of the first burials took place during a cholera outbreak. This alone could account for some of the ghostly activity reported at the cemetery.

In addition to this, Green-Wood Cemetery is the final resting place for many notable figures, including Leonard Bernstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. It’s possible that the spirits of these influential people could still be present at the cemetery, either by choice or because they have unfinished business.

One of the most famous ghosts at Green-Wood Cemetery is that of Samuel Leggett, a wealthy merchant who is said to haunt the chapel at the cemetery. Legend has it that Leggett’s ghost can be seen pacing the chapel, wringing his hands in despair.

Other ghosts said to haunt Green-Wood Cemetery include a woman in a white dress who has been spotted walking through the graves, a man with a top hat who is often seen sitting on a bench, and a ghostly horse and carriage that have been witnessed driving through the cemetery.

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the chance to join the Brooklyn Paranormal Society on their trolley tour investigating Green-Wood Cemetery. With less than 8 tickets remaining, be sure to act fast and secure your spot on this exciting supernatural event.