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  • 5 Haunted Brooklyn Places

    5 Haunted Brooklyn Places

    Brooklyn, New York, boasts a storied past and a multitude of neighborhoods, each possessing its own distinct charm and ambiance. Among the intriguing facets of Brooklyn’s history lie a plethora of haunted locations scattered throughout the borough. Presented here are five additional haunted spots in Brooklyn, welcoming ghost hunters and history buffs alike, ready…

  • Does Basquiat Haunt Green-Wood Cemetery?

    Does Basquiat Haunt Green-Wood Cemetery?

    In the quiet embrace of Green-Wood Cemetery, among the weathered tombstones and the whispers of history, a question lingers in the minds of those who tread its hallowed grounds: Does the spirit of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the legendary artist, continue to wander here?

  • Sylmar Gravity Hill: A Spine-Chilling Encounter

    Sylmar Gravity Hill: A Spine-Chilling Encounter

    Sylmar Gravity Hill in California is shrouded in mystery and haunted legends, with reported unexplained vehicle movements and paranormal encounters. Despite skeptics proposing optical illusions and magnetic forces as explanations, believers remain convinced of supernatural forces at play. The location continues to captivate visitors, offering an unforgettable experience and leaving them questioning the natural…

  • Haunted Tours NYC Reviewed!

    Haunted Tours NYC Reviewed!

    Exploring the Ghostly Legends: Haunted Tours NYC New York City is known for its vibrant energy, iconic landmarks, and rich history. But beneath the glitz and glamour lies a darker side, a side that is steeped in ghostly legends and haunted tales. For those seeking a spine-tingling adventure, haunted tours in NYC offer a…

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Haunted History

    Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Haunted History

    Introduction Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a neighborhood known for its vibrant culture, trendy shops, and bustling nightlife. However, beneath its trendy facade lies a rich and eerie history of hauntings and paranormal activity. From ghostly apparitions to mysterious occurrences, Williamsburg (border of Greenpoint) has gained a reputation as a hotspot for supernatural encounters. In this…

  • 11 Real Haunted NYC Houses

    11 Real Haunted NYC Houses

    New York City is a place of rich history and cultural significance, and it’s no surprise that many of its buildings and homes have stories of ghosts and other supernatural occurrences associated with them. Here are 11 real haunted houses in NYC, including some famous ones as well as a couple of lesser-known Brooklyn…

  • Brooklyn Theater Fire

    Brooklyn Theater Fire

    Relive a tragic chapter in Brooklyn’s history as we delve into the devastating Brooklyn Theater Fire. Explore the harrowing accounts, the heroic efforts, and the enduring lessons of a night that forever altered the borough’s narrative.