Florence Irene Ford's Grave

Florence Irene Ford Haunted Grave

In the heart of the Natchez City Cemetery in Mississippi, among the countless tombstones marking the lives once lived, there lies a peculiar, unsettling gravesite that stands out from the rest. It’s the burial place of a young girl named Florence Irene Ford, whose tragically short life and the remarkable measures taken by her grieving mother to comfort her beyond death have become a haunting legend.

Florence Irene Ford’s life was abruptly ended at the tender age of ten by the merciless grip of yellow fever. Throughout her brief existence, the terror of thunderstorms had been a constant presence. Each rumble of thunder and flash of lightning drove her into her mother’s soothing arms. A poignant bond solidified in her fear and her mother’s comfort.

So profound was this maternal love that upon Florence’s death, her mother sought to extend her comforting presence beyond the limitations of mortality. She commissioned a unique grave, one that would allow her to continue offering solace to her deceased child during every storm.

Florence Irene Ford’s coffin was uniquely designed with a glass window at the head, a feature that alone might have sufficed for a mournful mother to gaze upon her lost child. But this mother’s grief and love inspired an even more extraordinary arrangement. The grave was accompanied by an area, carved to match the depth of the coffin at Florence’s head, complete with a staircase leading down to her daughter’s level. This chamber was covered by hinged metal trap doors, shielding the bereaved mother from the very storms that had once terrified Florence.

As seen in the attached image, the trap doors still sit, rusted yet resilient, behind Florence Irene Ford’s tombstone. They hide the now quiet stairway, a chilling physical reminder of a mother’s devotion to her child, even after death. Despite the passage of time and weather, these doors still open, a testament to a mother’s undying love.

Sadly, in a world often more concerned with preservation than sentiment, the mid-1950s brought an unwelcome change to this hauntingly unique gravesite. A concrete wall was erected at the bottom of the stairway, obscuring the glass window of Florence’s coffin, an attempt to prevent vandalism.

The chilling story of Florence Irene Ford provides a haunting glimpse into the depths of parental grief and the extremes of maternal love. A testament to an era when bereavement found its expression in physical proximity, Florence’s grave stands as a macabre yet fascinating monument to a mother’s enduring love.

As this tale echoes through the centuries, it reminds us of the remarkable human capacity for love and loss, a tale as timeless as it is eerie. Indeed, even in the quiet, comforting whispers of the wind through the Natchez City Cemetery, one might still hear echoes of a mother’s comforting words to her child, undeterred by the finality of death.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot Sighting

The story of Teddy Roosevelt’s alleged encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature has been passed down through generations, and it remains one of the most intriguing and debated cryptid sightings to date.

Historical Context

Teddy Roosevelt was an American statesman, conservationist, and writer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He is well-known for his love of the outdoors, and his numerous hunting and camping trips throughout his life. One of the most famous and well-documented of these trips took place in the fall of 1903, when Roosevelt, along with a group of friends, embarked on a hunting expedition in the remote forests of Montana.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot Encounter

According to the legend of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot Sighting, while on the hunting trip, Roosevelt and his party stumbled upon a large, ape-like creature. The creature, which Roosevelt described as being covered in dark fur and standing at least 7 feet tall, reportedly stared at the group for several minutes before running off into the woods.

The exact details of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting have been passed down through the years, with different accounts varying slightly. However, most accounts agree that the creature was first spotted by one of the guides in Roosevelt’s party, who pointed it out to the others. Roosevelt himself reportedly described the creature as being “a monstrous creature, unlike anything I have ever seen before.” The President and his party were said to have been shocked and amazed by the creature, with some members even claiming that it walked on two legs like a human.

The cryptid was said to have stared at the party for several minutes before turning and running away into the woods. Roosevelt and his companions reportedly followed the creature for a short distance, but it quickly disappeared into the dense forest. The President himself was said to have been so intrigued by the sighting that he ordered an immediate search for the creature, but it was never found.

Some accounts claim that Roosevelt and his party were able to get a good look at the creature, while others suggest that it was only visible for a brief moment before it disappeared into the woods. Some versions of the legend even suggest that the creature was able to elude the President and his party, despite their best efforts to track it. Regardless of the specifics, it is agreed that the encounter left a deep impression on all those involved, and that it was unlike anything they had ever encountered before.

The story of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting was not made public until many years later, when one of the members of the hunting party, a journalist named John L. Robinson, wrote about it in a magazine article. In the article, Robinson described the creature as being “a huge, dark, hairy beast,” and stated that the President had ordered an immediate search for the creature in the wake of the encounter. The article generated a great deal of interest and speculation, and the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot encounter quickly became a popular topic of discussion among cryptozoologists and skeptics alike.

The Debate over the Bigfoot Sighting

Teddy Roosevelt

Despite the intriguing nature of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting, the existence of a Bigfoot-like creature in Montana remains a topic of debate among cryptozoologists and skeptics alike. Some argue that the creature could have been a bear or another known animal, while others believe that it was a genuine Bigfoot sighting.

Skeptics point out that there is no physical evidence to support the story, and that the creature could have easily been misidentified. They also point out that Roosevelt and his party were in the wilderness for several weeks, and it is possible that they may have been experiencing hallucinations or other symptoms of wilderness fatigue.

On the other hand, proponents of the Bigfoot theory argue that the fact that the story was related by a reputable and respected individual such as President Teddy Roosevelt lends credibility to the account. They also point out that the description of the creature, as well as the behavior and movements reported by the witnesses, align with what is known about Bigfoot from other reported sightings.

Another argument in favor of the Bigfoot theory is the fact that the area where the Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting is said to have taken place, the remote forests of Montana, is known to be a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. In fact, there have been numerous other reported sightings in the region over the years, further lending credence to the idea that a population of the creatures may exist in the area.

Conclusion to Teddy’s Bigfoot Sighting

While the truth behind the legend of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting may never be fully known, the story continues to capture the imagination of people all over the world. It serves as a reminder that despite our modern technology and advancements, there are still vast wildernesses and unknown creatures that may exist beyond our current understanding. The possibility of the existence of such creatures sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity in us, leading to ongoing searches and investigations.

Even if the encounter did not truly take place, it serves as a reminder of the enduring human fascination with the unknown and the possibility that there may still be mysteries waiting to be discovered in the natural world. The legend of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot sighting serves as a reminder that the world is not yet fully explored and that there are still many secrets to be uncovered. It is this sense of mystery and the unknown that keeps us searching for answers and fuels our curiosity about the world around us.

For more information on Teddy Roosevelt, see the Harvard collection.

Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights

On a warm March evening in 1997, Phoenix, Arizona became the site of one of the most famous UFO sightings in history, known as the Phoenix Lights. Over a thousand people reported seeing strange lights hovering above the city, sparking speculation and debate about what could have caused them. Some believed the lights were extraterrestrial visitors, while others thought they might be some kind of military experiment or natural phenomenon.

Recently, actor Kurt Russell revealed that he was a pilot who reported the Phoenix Lights back in 1997, adding to the mystery surrounding the incident. Join us as we delve into the paranormal world of the Phoenix Lights and explore the various explanations that have been proposed. Are they proof of otherworldly visitors or simply a cover up by the military? The truth may be out there, but only you can decide.

Military’s Explanation for the Phoenix Lights

One explanation for the Phoenix Lights is that they were caused by military flares. According to the US military, fighter jets were conducting a night training exercise in the area and dropped several flares, which resulted in the lights being seen by witnesses.

However, this explanation has been met with some skepticism. For one, the military’s reported time frame for the flare drops doesn’t align with all of the witness accounts of the incident. Additionally, the type of flares used by the military and the way they behave are not consistent with the lights reported by witnesses.

This has led some to question whether the military’s explanation is a cover up for something more mysterious. It’s worth noting that Operation Snowbird, a military operation that brings in aircraft from other bases during certain months of the year, may have also been involved in the incident. As the truth behind the Phoenix Lights remains shrouded in mystery, it’s up to us to decide what we believe.

Similarly, at 8:30pm, a commercial airline pilot and his wife were driving 90 miles south of the Nickles when they saw the strange lights. The pilot described seeing five lights in a V-formation, and noted that there was no noise coming from the object. This sighting also occurred before the military’s reported flare drops.

These are just two of the many detailed accounts of the Phoenix Lights that occurred before the military’s reported flare drops. This has led some to speculate that the military’s explanation was a cover-up, and that the true cause of the Phoenix Lights remains unknown.

Controversial Early Sightings

One of the more controversial aspects of the Phoenix Lights is the number of early sightings that occurred before the military’s reported flare drops at around 10pm. In fact, of the 128 witness reports from before this time, 95 of them mention seeing a V or triangular shape or formation, with 46 believing this to be a solid object.

The remainder only mention lights. These early sightings, which happened before sunset and before the military exercises began, have led some to question what really happened on March 13, 1997 over Arizona. Could these witnesses have seen something otherworldly or could there be another explanation for these mysterious lights?

The Disappearance of Richard Curtis

One of the more intriguing subplots of the Phoenix Lights story is the case of Richard Curtis, a disabled veteran who claimed to have filmed a large structured craft during the early part of the evening. According to local councilwoman Frances Barwood, Curtis sent a copy of the footage to her and planned to make additional copies.

Phoenix lights eyewitness Richard Curtis claimed to film a solid huge craft during the incident. MIB took over the video & man disappeared. Councilwoman Frances Barwood confirmed the story.

However, before he could do so, he was visited by two Men In Black who claimed to be from Barwood’s office. They took the original tape and promised to return it, but they were never seen again and the footage has not been seen by anyone else. Barwood claimed that her phone had been tapped and that copies of Curtis’s phone calls to her eventually disappeared from the offices of expert Jim Delitoso.

Curtis himself has since disappeared, adding to the mystery and intrigue of the Phoenix Lights. Could this be evidence of a cover up or something more sinister at work? The truth may never be known.

The Phoenix Lights in Pop Culture

The Phoenix Lights incident has had a significant impact on pop culture, with numerous films and documentaries exploring the mysterious event.

“The Phoenix Lights…We Are Not Alone” Documentary, produced by Lynne D. Kitei and featuring astronaut Edgar Mitchell, delves into the possible explanations for the lights. “The Appearance of a Man” and “Night Skies” are both horror films that incorporate the Phoenix Lights into their storylines.

“They Came from Outer Space,” “The Phoenix Incident,” and “Phoenix Forgotten” are all science fiction films that draw inspiration from the incident. The enduring mystery of the Phoenix Lights has captured the public’s imagination and continues to inspire new works in various media.


The Phoenix Lights incident remains one of the most famous UFO cases of all time, with people around the world still debating the true nature of the mysterious lights that appeared over Phoenix on March 13, 1997.

While the military’s explanation of flare drops during a training exercise seems to account for the lights seen around 10pm, the earlier sightings that occurred before sunset and before the military exercises began continue to be a source of controversy.

The disappearance of Richard Curtis and his alleged footage of a large structured craft, as well as the various pop culture works inspired by the Phoenix Lights, only add to the mystery and intrigue surrounding this enduring case. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial visitors or are convinced of a military cover up, the Phoenix Lights remain a captivating and enduring mystery that continues to fascinate people around the world.

A 35mm photo of a sarcophagus.

Do Mummies Have Ghosts?

The pervasive question Do mummies have ghosts is one asked for dozens of centuries. To get to the bottom of this question, we have to examine what are ancient Egyptian beliefs in the afterlife.

The belief in ghosts was closely tied to the ancient Egyptians’ practice of mummification, as they believed that properly preserving the body would ensure that the soul would be able to continue on to the afterlife. If a mummy was disturbed or not properly preserved, it was believed that the spirit of the deceased could be unleashed and would seek revenge on the living.

It was also believed that certain actions in life could lead to a person becoming a ghost. For example, if a person committed a grave sin or crime, or if they died a violent or unexpected death, their soul could be unable to find peace in the afterlife and could return as a ghost.

Overall, the ancient Egyptians had a complex belief system surrounding the afterlife and the existence of ghosts. This belief played a significant role in their religious practices and daily lives, and continues to fascinate people to this day.

Where Did the Mummies Ghost’s Go?

In order to free a ghost from this state, the ancient Egyptians believed that certain rituals and offerings needed to be performed. These could include spells and incantations, as well as the offering of food, drink, and other necessities that the deceased would need in the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians had a class of priests known as “ka-priests” who were responsible for performing rituals and offerings to free the souls of ghosts. These rituals could include spells and incantations, as well as the offering of food, drink, and other necessities that the deceased would need in the afterlife.

In some cases, it was also believed that the living could appease the ghost by offering sacrifices or performing other acts of piety. By doing this, the ghost would be able to find peace and move on to the afterlife, freeing it from its restless state.

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So, did mummies have ghosts?

The ancient Egyptians had a strong belief in the afterlife, and as such, they believed in the existence of ghosts. They believed that the soul of a person would continue to exist after their physical body had died, and that it could potentially return to the physical world in the form of a ghost. “Ka-priests” worked tirelessly to free the souls of those stuck in limbo, so there’s believed to be few-to-zero ancient Egyptian ghosts today.

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