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Brooklyn’s Disco Revival: A Paranormal Phenomenon?

Brooklyn, New York is home to many things: hipsters, artists, and now, disco. This past year, there has been a resurgence of disco culture in the borough, as shown in Google Trends. But what is it about Brooklyn that makes it such a hotbed for disco?

Some say it’s the borough’s diverse population, which includes people from all walks of life. Others say it’s the city’s unique energy, which is always buzzing with creativity and excitement. And still others believe that there is something more paranormal at play, that Brooklyn is home to a disco spirit that cannot be extinguished.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that disco is alive and well in Brooklyn. And for some people, that is a very good thing.

A Brief History of Disco in Brooklyn

Disco first came to Brooklyn in the early 1970s, when clubs like The Odyssey and Studio 54 opened their doors. These clubs were quickly filled with a mix of people from all walks of life, who came to dance to the latest disco hits and to experience the electric atmosphere.

One of the most important figures in the early Brooklyn disco scene was DJ Larry Levan. Levan was known for his eclectic taste in music and his ability to create a seamless mix of disco, funk, and soul. He was also a pioneer of the “four-on-the-floor” beat, which became a staple of disco music.

Levan’s residency at The Paradise Garage, which opened in 1977, was legendary. The club was known for its inclusive atmosphere and its commitment to musical diversity. It was a place where people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations could come together to dance and have a good time.

Other popular disco clubs in Brooklyn included Disco Fever, Galaxy 21, and The Studio. These clubs were known for their lavish parties, their over-the-top fashion, and their eclectic clientele. Disco was a place where everyone was welcome, and where everyone could let loose and be themselves.

Disco quickly became a cultural phenomenon, and Brooklyn was at the heart of it all. The borough’s clubs were known for their progressive social values and their commitment to diversity. Disco was a place where people could come to escape the everyday world and to experience something new and exciting.

The Decline of Disco

By the late 1970s, disco had begun to lose its popularity. The music was criticized for being repetitive and shallow, and the clubs were seen as being too materialistic and excessive. Disco was also associated with drug use and promiscuity, which further tarnished its image.

In 1979, a backlash against disco reached its peak when a group of anti-disco protesters gathered outside of Comiskey Park in Chicago and burned disco records. This event, known as the “Disco Demolition Night,” marked the end of disco’s reign as the most popular music genre in America.

Disco’s Revival in Brooklyn

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in disco music and culture. This revival is particularly strong in Brooklyn, where new disco clubs are opening up and old ones are being revived.

One of the most popular disco clubs in Brooklyn is House of Yes. This club hosts weekly disco nights with live DJs and performers. House of Yes is also known for its immersive dance parties, where guests are encouraged to dress up and let loose.

Another popular disco club in Brooklyn is Le Bain. This club is located on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, and it offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Le Bain hosts regular disco nights with international DJs, as well as other events such as drag shows and burlesque performances.

A Paranormal Explanation?

So, why is disco so popular in Brooklyn again? Some people say it’s the borough’s diverse population, which includes people from all walks of life. Others say it’s the city’s unique energy, which is always buzzing with creativity and excitement. And still others believe that there is something more paranormal at play, that Brooklyn is home to a disco spirit that cannot be extinguished.

There is no doubt that disco is a music genre with a strong spiritual connection. Disco music is all about letting go and having a good time. It is about forgetting your troubles and dancing the night away. And for some people, disco is a way to connect with the spirit world.


Whether or not it is paranormal, there is no doubt that disco is alive and well in Brooklyn. And for some people, that is a very good thing. Disco is a music genre that brings people together and allows them to express themselves freely. It is a genre that is full of joy, energy, and life.

And in a world that can be dark and troubled, disco is a reminder that there is still beauty and hope to be found.

Personal Anecdotes

I have been to a few disco clubs in Brooklyn, and I can tell you that the energy is electric. People are dressed up and ready to dance. The DJs are playing the best disco hits, and the crowd is always having a good time.

I have also heard stories from people who have had paranormal experiences at disco clubs in Brooklyn. Some people have said that they have seen spirits dancing on the dance floor. Others have said that they have felt a strange energy in the club.

I can’t say for sure whether or not these stories are true, but there is no doubt that disco is a powerful and spiritual music genre. And Brooklyn is the perfect place to experience it.

Science Behind Ghost Hunting

Investigating GhostStop’s Exciting Grand Opening in Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg, Virginia, has just become the epicenter of paranormal exploration with the grand opening of GhostStop, the ultimate destination for ghost-hunting enthusiasts and seekers of the supernatural. As the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to this captivating new addition to the world of ghost hunting.

A Paranormal Haven in Lynchburg

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Lynchburg, GhostStop welcomes both seasoned investigators and curious beginners to a world of intriguing possibilities. Owner Shawn Porter, a veteran in the field with nearly two decades of experience, has relocated his renowned ghost-hunting equipment business from Florida to Lynchburg. His mission? To transform Lynchburg into the global hub for ghost-hunting and paranormal data collection.

The GhostStop Experience

Walking through the doors of GhostStop is akin to entering a paranormal investigator’s dream. The store boasts an extensive collection of cutting-edge equipment that caters to all your ghost-hunting needs. From night vision cameras and versatile lighting options to essential tools like the SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder, GhostStop has it all.

Meet the Phasm Full Spectrum Light

One of the standout offerings is the Phasm Full Spectrum Light, a game-changing device that redefines how you approach investigations. Its night vision capabilities, ultraviolet illumination, and multi-color settings provide you with a comprehensive toolkit in a single, compact device. Adjust the lighting to your preferences with ease using the intuitive controls, and mount it effortlessly on a tripod or any metal surface for maximum flexibility.

The SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder: Your Paranormal Companion

Another must-have from GhostStop is the SBox Ghost Scanner + Recorder, purpose-built for paranormal research. This versatile tool simplifies your investigations with features like automatic FM/AM radio sweeps, adjustable sweep speed, and recording capabilities. Its amplified speaker and built-in flashlight add to its convenience, making it an indispensable companion in your quest to uncover the supernatural.

Ghost HQ: A Nexus of Paranormal Research

GhostStop doesn’t stop at providing equipment. It’s also home to Ghost HQ, a visionary project aimed at creating a global network of paranormal research. The goal is to gather data and insights from investigators around the world and consolidate them into one central location. Brooklyn Paranormal Society members, this could be an exciting opportunity for you to share your experiences and findings with a worldwide community of enthusiasts.

Join the Spooky Speakeasy Grand Opening

Mark your calendars for October 7, when GhostStop hosts its grand opening party with a “Spooky Speakeasy” theme. It’s an event you won’t want to miss, offering a sneak peek into the world of GhostStop, networking opportunities with fellow paranormal enthusiasts, and the chance to explore the store’s fascinating inventory.

In conclusion, GhostStop’s grand opening in Lynchburg is a milestone for the paranormal community, and the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is delighted to be part of this journey. Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or someone curious about the supernatural, GhostStop offers an array of tools and resources to ignite your passion for paranormal exploration. Together, let’s unlock the mysteries of the otherworldly and make Lynchburg the ultimate center for ghost hunting.

David Grusch Interview Explained

In a recent exclusive interview with NewsNation, career intelligence official David Grusch dropped a bombshell, alleging a U.S. government cover-up relating to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) and non-human intelligence (NHI), which has lasted almost a century. This piece will delve into the interview’s critical points and what they might mean for our understanding of life beyond Earth.

Grusch, after four years of investigation, claimed that information about ongoing covert programs was shared with him in great detail by certain personnel. This information, deemed so credible and urgent by the Department of Defense Oversight Director in 2023, was forwarded to Congress. Yet, key evidence was never presented by Kirkpatrick, a known associate of Grusch, raising questions around the reasons for this omission.

In a historical revelation, Grusch indicated that a craft was intercepted by the US in 1945, originally recovered in Italy by Mussolini’s forces in 1933. A hand-written Italian memo with small drawings at the bottom was showcased as evidence. The Vatican’s role was highlighted, revealing that the religious institution was aware of the NHI existence and was involved in suppressing the information.

Grusch made significant assertions regarding the NHI, stating that these entities might be extraterrestrial or interdimensional, or possibly both. He described sightings and recoveries of multiple operational crafts of various sizes, including one as large as a football field. Alarmingly, he revealed the recovery of NHI bodies and hinted at potential formal agreements between the U.S. government and some NHI factions.

In the interview, David Grusch accused Kirkpatrick of omitting critical information from Congress and suggested that the AARO (Anomalous Aerial Research Organization) needs to be held accountable. He claimed that the U.S. government has gone as far as committing homicides to keep this information hidden, painting a grim picture of the lengths taken to maintain the cover-up.

Nuclear weapons are reportedly a persistent concern for NHIs, and according to Grusch, private enterprises are actively working with the technology recovered from these unidentified crafts. These projects are reportedly related to aerospace and defense sectors.

Grusch reinforced the reality of the Roswell incident of 1947, branding the government’s subsequent explanations as part of a long-standing disinformation campaign. He alleges that factual intelligence has been muddled with false claims to confuse the narrative deliberately.

This one-page teletype dated July 8, 1947, conveyed information originating from the United States Air Force. The teletype’s details purported that an object, possibly a flying disc, was recovered near Roswell, New Mexico.

The former intelligence official implied the possibility of these crafts being forcefully brought down by the U.S. using specific techniques. He also suggested that some crafts were either abandoned or intentionally given to us. Notably, he mentioned health issues among those working with the recovered crafts.

Grusch cautioned about private enterprises potentially profiting from taxpayer-funded research, branding it unethical. He alluded to China’s aggressive efforts in reverse engineering, hinting at a race between foreign powers for technological superiority.

In an interesting twist, Grusch cited a 1971 treaty between the USA and USSR as proof of both superpowers’ awareness of UFO/UAP interference with nuclear facilities (BKPS can’t find proof for this claim). This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the situation, with Grusch asserting that a cold war over this technology is brewing between Russia and China.

Grusch claimed that the Pentagon’s UAP videos released in 2020 were just the beginning, with more extraordinary evidence yet to be made public. His intention to start his own science foundation and willingness to brief high-level government officials shows his determination to bring transparency to this secrecy-shrouded issue.

In conclusion, this eye-opening interview has sparked renewed calls for a congressional investigation into Kirkpatrick, the AARO, and the handling of witness data. Advocacy for the thorough examination of Grusch’s evidence and testimonies has surged, with several platforms now available for citizens to voice their demand for transparency.

While we wait for the mysteries to unravel, the revelations in David Grusch’s interview have certainly given us food for thought, stirring up fresh debates on the existence of life beyond our planet and the extent of secrecy maintained by governments around the world. Only time will reveal the veracity of these claims and the impact they might have on our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

stiff-person syndrome celine dion

Stiff-Person Syndrome Explored

In the realm of the paranormal, there exists a myriad of unexplained phenomena that continue to captivate our collective imagination. Among these enigmatic conditions, one stands out for its eerie and perplexing nature: Stiff-Person Syndrome (SPS). This rare neurological disorder, characterized by muscle stiffness and spasms, has baffled medical professionals for decades. However, some individuals have begun to question whether there may be a paranormal aspect to this intriguing syndrome. Could there be unseen forces at play? Let us delve into the mystical depths and explore the possible connection between Stiff-Person Syndrome and the paranormal.

The Origins of Stiff-Person Syndrome

First identified in the late 1950s, Stiff-Person Syndrome is an exceedingly rare disorder that affects the central nervous system. Its defining symptom is severe muscle stiffness, which can be triggered by unexpected movements, emotional stress, or even external stimuli like loud noises. Patients with SPS often experience uncontrolled muscle contractions, leading to postures that resemble statues frozen in time.

Medical Explanation: A Rational Interpretation

From a scientific standpoint, Stiff-Person Syndrome is classified as an autoimmune disorder, wherein the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the nerves responsible for muscle control. The underlying cause remains unknown, but it is believed that genetic predisposition and environmental factors may contribute to its development.

The Paranormal Perspective

While the medical explanation provides a logical understanding of the syndrome, some individuals ponder whether there might be a supernatural element at play. Paranormal enthusiasts propose various theories that attempt to connect SPS to otherworldly phenomena, transcending the boundaries of scientific explanation.

  1. Possession and Spirit Entities

One paranormal theory suggests that individuals with Stiff-Person Syndrome may be susceptible to spiritual possession. It is postulated that certain spirits or entities might target vulnerable individuals, causing the intense muscle contractions and stiffness associated with SPS. Supporters of this theory claim that through mediums or spiritual healers, these entities can be identified and potentially expelled, leading to temporary relief or even a cure.

  1. Psychic Energy Imbalance

Another hypothesis delves into the realm of psychic energy. Proponents argue that Stiff-Person Syndrome could be a manifestation of disrupted energy fields within the body. According to this theory, imbalances in psychic energy channels may lead to physical symptoms such as muscle stiffness. Techniques such as energy healing or Reiki may offer a potential avenue for restoring harmony and alleviating the symptoms of SPS.

  1. Cursed or Haunted Origins

In more extreme paranormal interpretations, Stiff-Person Syndrome is attributed to curses or haunted environments. According to this line of thinking, afflicted individuals may have unknowingly crossed paths with malevolent forces, leading to the manifestation of SPS. In these cases, exorcisms, spiritual cleansings, or the removal of cursed objects are suggested as potential remedies.

Celine Dion’s Stiff-Person Syndrome Diagnosis and Tour Cancellation

Renowned Canadian singer Celine Dion, known for her powerful vocals and captivating performances, recently shocked fans around the world with the announcement of the cancellation of the remaining dates of her Courage world tour. The reason behind this abrupt decision was the revelation of her diagnosis with Stiff-Person Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that has profoundly impacted her ability to continue performing.

For Celine Dion, the diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome came as a devastating blow. In a heartfelt announcement on Instagram, she expressed her sincere apologies to her fans for the tour cancellation and explained the challenges she faces in managing the symptoms of the disorder. Dion emphasized her commitment to rebuilding her strength but acknowledged the difficulties of touring, even at full health.

The impact of Stiff-Person Syndrome on Dion’s career has been significant. The disorder has made it increasingly challenging for her to walk and sing, impacting her ability to deliver the high-energy performances she is renowned for. The decision to cancel the remaining tour dates was undoubtedly a difficult one, reflecting her commitment to prioritizing her health and well-being.

By sharing her diagnosis, Celine Dion has shed light on Stiff-Person Syndrome, a little-known disorder that affects a small number of individuals worldwide. Her openness has raised awareness of the challenges faced by those living with rare conditions and has provided an opportunity for dialogue and understanding within the entertainment industry and beyond. Dion’s journey with Stiff-Person Syndrome serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength displayed by individuals facing health setbacks, even in the public eye.

While the cancellation of her tour may disappoint fans, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of self-care and prioritizing one’s health. Celine Dion’s brave decision to share her diagnosis and step away from the spotlight temporarily sends a powerful message about the significance of seeking proper medical treatment and taking the necessary steps to manage health conditions, no matter one’s fame or success.

In the face of adversity, Celine Dion remains determined, stating in her announcement that she is not giving up and looks forward to returning to the stage when she is truly ready. Her strength and resilience continue to inspire fans and individuals worldwide, serving as a reminder that personal health should always take precedence over public expectations.


Stiff-Person Syndrome remains a medical mystery, and medical science continues to strive for a comprehensive understanding of its causes and potential treatments. While the paranormal theories surrounding SPS may seem far-fetched to many, they add an intriguing layer of speculation to an already puzzling condition.

However, it is crucial to approach these paranormal interpretations with skepticism and critical thinking. The scientific community is focused on advancing knowledge through rigorous research, data, and evidence-based approaches. As we continue to explore the uncharted territories of the human mind and body, it is essential to maintain a balance between the allure of the supernatural and the rigors of scientific investigation.

Ultimately, the investigation of Stiff-Person Syndrome should remain firmly grounded in scientific inquiry, prioritizing patient well-being and the pursuit of tangible answers. Until concrete evidence emerges to support the paranormal hypotheses, Stiff-Person Syndrome will continue to be investigated within the established medical framework, leaving the mysteries of the paranormal realm to be explored elsewhere.

Paranormal Figure Drawing

Paranormal Figure Drawing

The human figure has been a subject of art for centuries. From the earliest cave paintings to the most recent works of modern art, the human figure has been a source of inspiration for artists of all types. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in figure drawing through a paranormal lens. This type of art explores the idea that the human figure can be used to communicate with the paranormal world.

There are many different ways to approach figure drawing through a paranormal lens. Some artists use traditional methods, such as pencil and paper, to create their work. Others use more experimental methods, such as photography or videography. Some artists even use their own bodies as a canvas to create paranormal art.

No matter what method they use, artists who draw the human figure through a paranormal lens are all trying to capture something that is beyond the physical world. They are trying to tap into the unseen forces that surround us and to create art that is both beautiful and haunting.

One of the most famous artists to work in this genre is HR Giger. Giger was a Swiss artist who is best known for his work on the movie Alien. Giger’s work is often described as “biomechanical” because it combines organic and mechanical elements. His paintings and sculptures often feature grotesque creatures that seem to be both alive and dead.

Giger’s work is often interpreted as being a commentary on the dark side of human nature. His creatures are often seen as representations of our fears and our darkest desires. However, Giger’s work is also beautiful and haunting. It is a reminder that there is a dark side to the world, but that there is also beauty to be found in the darkness.

Another artist who works in the genre of paranormal figure drawing is Cindy Sherman. Sherman is an American photographer who is known for her self-portraits. In her work, Sherman often dresses up as different characters, including monsters, aliens, and ghosts. Sherman’s work is often interpreted as being a commentary on the role of women in society. She explores the idea that women are often seen as objects of fear and desire. However, Sherman’s work is also empowering. It shows that women can be strong and independent, even in the face of fear and danger.

The work of HR Giger and Cindy Sherman are just two examples of the many artists who are working in the genre of paranormal figure drawing. This type of art is a powerful way to explore the dark side of human nature and to find beauty in the darkness. It is a reminder that there is more to the world than what we can see.

In addition to the artists mentioned above, there are many other artists who are working in the genre of paranormal figure drawing.

  1. Zdzisław Beksiński: A Polish artist known for his surreal and dystopian paintings, Beksiński’s works often feature distorted human figures, surreal landscapes, and nightmarish creatures. His art combines elements of the macabre and the fantastic, evoking a sense of otherworldliness.
  2. Leonora Carrington: Carrington was a British-born Mexican artist associated with the Surrealist movement. Her work often incorporated mythical and supernatural elements, drawing inspiration from folklore, dreams, and her own imaginative narratives. She depicted figures that seemed to exist in a realm beyond our own, blending the ordinary and the extraordinary.
  3. Edward Gorey: An American writer and artist, Gorey is known for his macabre and whimsical illustrations. While not exclusively focused on the paranormal, his detailed and intricate drawings often evoke a sense of mystery and unease, hinting at a hidden world lurking beneath the surface.
  4. Charles Addams: Addams was an American cartoonist best known for creating “The Addams Family.” His darkly humorous and macabre illustrations often portrayed eccentric and supernatural characters. Addams’ iconic style has influenced many artists and popular culture depictions of the paranormal.
  5. Tim Burton: Burton, a renowned filmmaker and artist, has a distinctive visual style that often incorporates elements of gothic and paranormal themes. His characters and worlds are frequently eerie, whimsical, and visually striking, with a penchant for exploring the darker aspects of human nature and the supernatural.
  6. Guillermo del Toro: A Mexican filmmaker and artist, del Toro’s work often combines elements of fantasy, horror, and the paranormal. His visual creations, whether in film or illustration, often explore the relationships between humans and fantastical creatures, drawing on mythology and folklore to create haunting and emotionally resonant narratives.

These artists all use their own unique style to create art that is both beautiful and haunting. Their work is a reminder that there is more to the world than what we can see. It is a reminder that the human figure can be used to communicate with the paranormal world. If you are interested in learning more about paranormal figure drawing, there are many resources available online.

You can find websites that feature the work of paranormal artists, as well as articles and essays about the genre. You can also find workshops and classes that teach people how to draw the human figure through a paranormal lens. Paranormal figure drawing is a fascinating and growing genre of art. If you are interested in exploring the dark side of human nature and finding beauty in the darkness, then this is a genre that you should definitely check out.

If you’re interested in paranormal figure drawing, check out our next event, which features models in costumes, and nude.

Bushwick’s Baffling Bees

Brooklyn, the enigmatic borough known for its rich history and vibrant energy, is no stranger to tales of the paranormal. In a recent incident that occurred in the bustling neighborhood of Bushwick, an ordinary day at Artichoke Pizza took an unexpected turn when a swarm of bees captured the attention of both patrons and passersby. However, what appeared to be a straightforward encounter with nature soon revealed deeper layers of intrigue, as the honeybees and their supernatural significance emerged as a captivating topic of fascination. As we delve into the intertwining worlds of honeybees and the paranormal, we embark on a journey into the enigmatic realm that defines Brooklyn’s mystical allure.

Throughout the annals of human history, honeybees have held a revered position, their existence interwoven with myth, folklore, and ancient traditions. These remarkable creatures have been associated with the supernatural, revered for their ability to produce the golden elixir known as honey. From the ancient Egyptians who regarded bees as messengers of the gods to the Celts who believed they bridged the gap between the living and the spirit world, honeybees have long fascinated and mystified humanity.

As news of the bee swarm at Artichoke Pizza spread, the attention of a skilled beekeeper was captured. Drawn to the scene by their expertise and dedication to the craft, this guardian of the apiaries possessed a deep knowledge and understanding of honeybees. With their gentle approach, they ensured the safe removal and relocation of the bees, showcasing the harmonious relationship between humans and these beloved creatures.

Brooklyn, with its eclectic neighborhoods and diverse cultural fabric, has served as a magnet for the paranormal. From haunted brownstones in Bedford-Stuyvesant to spectral sightings in Green-Wood Cemetery, the borough pulsates with inexplicable energies. The appearance of honeybees at Artichoke Pizza in Bushwick adds yet another layer to Brooklyn’s supernatural tapestry, hinting at the unseen forces that permeate the city’s streets and structures.

The honeybees’ visitation serves as a captivating reminder that, in the shadowy corners of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary is often blurred. It invites us to contemplate the hidden depths and unknown forces that shape the very fabric of Brooklyn’s existence.

As we reflect on the mysterious encounter with honeybees at Artichoke Pizza, we are reminded that the paranormal resides just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. Brooklyn’s vibrant energy and storied past create the perfect backdrop for these inexplicable occurrences. The honeybees’ visit serves as a captivating reminder that, in the shadowy corners of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary is often blurred, leaving us to wonder what other secrets lie hidden within this borough’s paranormal realm.

the cheesecake killer

The Cheesecake Killer

In the shadows of the bustling metropolis of New York City, a sinister tale of toxicology and identity theft has recently unfolded – the tale of the “Cheesecake Killer”. The case of Viktoria Nasyrova, a Russian immigrant who poisoned her friend with a slice of cheesecake to steal her identity, has sent shockwaves across the nation. This paranormal story takes us through the dark history of toxicology, born in the Jazz Age of New York, and into the twisted minds of those who use it to commit heinous crimes.

The Jazz Age and the Birth of Toxicology

The 1920s Jazz Age was a time of social and cultural change, marked by prohibition, speakeasies, and the rise of flappers. It was also a time when toxicology emerged as a distinct field of study, propelled by the shadowy world of poisoners and their lethal concoctions.

During this era, toxicology gained prominence in New York City, thanks to the research and work of pioneers in the field, such as Charles Norris, New York’s first appointed Chief Medical Examiner. Through their investigations into mysterious deaths and toxic substances, they uncovered the hidden world of poisons and their effects on the human body.

Despite the sensationalism surrounding poisoners and their crimes, toxicology as a science grew increasingly sophisticated, with advancements in analytical techniques and testing methods. This allowed investigators to detect even minute traces of poison, leading to more accurate diagnoses and the identification of the poison’s source.

One of the most notorious cases of the Jazz Age involved Mary Frances Creighton, who conspired with her lover to poison her brother-in-law. Her use of thallium, a toxic metal, led to her conviction, and her case helped establish toxicology as a vital tool in criminal investigations.

Today, toxicology plays an essential role in forensic science, with applications ranging from drug testing to environmental contamination. The science has evolved dramatically since the Jazz Age, with new methods and technologies allowing for even more accurate and reliable results.

The Jazz Age may have been a time of glamour and excess, but it was also a period that saw the rise of a new science that would prove invaluable in the fight against crime. By shedding light on the dark world of poisons, toxicology has become an essential tool in solving mysteries and bringing criminals to justice.

Cheesecake Killer Viktoria Nasyrova’s Sinister Plan

On April 6th, 2018, Viktoria Nasyrova lured her friend, Olga Tsvyk, to her apartment in Queens, New York, with a malevolent intent. She offered Olga a seemingly innocent slice of cheesecake, which was, in fact, laced with a lethal dose of phenazepam, a sedative commonly used in Russia. As Olga fell unconscious from the killer cheesecake’s poison, Nasyrova seized her chance to steal her passport, cash, and other personal belongings, intending to assume her identity and vanish without a trace.

But fate had other plans. Olga’s family and friends, suspicious of her sudden disappearance, alerted the police. A thorough investigation ensued, leading to Nasyrova’s arrest in March 2019. After a harrowing trial, Nasyrova was sentenced on April 8th, 2021, to 12 years in prison for attempted murder, burglary, and assault.

The Dark Psychology of Identity Theft

Identity theft is an ever-growing issue in the United States, with millions of victims each year. Unscrupulous individuals steal personal information such as social security numbers, bank account details, and credit card information to assume another person’s identity and carry out fraudulent activities.

The desire for power and control is a fundamental human instinct. It is a primal drive that has been present throughout human history. In the context of poison and deception, this drive is often rooted in a sense of entitlement, where the perpetrator feels that they are entitled to the benefits that come with wealth, status, or influence. They may also feel a sense of inadequacy or insecurity and seek to compensate for these feelings by exerting control over others.

Additionally, the use of poison (as in the Cheesecake Killer) and deception may be motivated by a desire for revenge or retribution. The perpetrator may feel wronged or slighted in some way and seek to exact revenge on their perceived enemies. In other cases, the allure of poison and deception may be driven by the desire for personal gain or financial benefit, with the perpetrator using their skills to defraud or scam their victims.

The psychology of poison and deception is complex and multifaceted. It is shaped by a range of factors, including social, cultural, and historical influences. In some cases, the use of poison and deception may be driven by mental health issues or personality disorders, such as narcissism or sociopathy.

The Paranormal Allure of Poison and Deception

Throughout history, there has been an undeniable, almost paranormal fascination with the dark arts of poison and deception. From the Jazz Age poisoners to modern-day identity thieves like Nasyrova, the allure of power and control over others’ lives remains a potent driving force for those who delve into this macabre world. The case of Nasyrova not only highlights the lengths that some people will go to for their desires but also serves as a chilling reminder of the ever-present danger of toxic substances and the individuals who wield them with sinister intent.


The paranormal tale of Viktoria Nasyrova serves as a haunting reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution when it comes to our personal information. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by identity thieves and poisoners, making it crucial for us to remain aware and protected. The dark history of toxicology and its connection to identity theft serves as a warning to society: we must never underestimate the depths to which some individuals will sink in pursuit of their twisted goals.

From the Jazz Age of New York, when toxicology emerged as a distinct field of study, to the chilling case of Viktoria Nasyrova, we are reminded of the enduring fascination with the dark arts of poison and deception. It is crucial for us to learn from these sinister tales and safeguard ourselves and our loved ones against the ever-present threat of identity theft and poisoning.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, we must be proactive in protecting our personal information and diligent in recognizing the signs of identity theft. Be cautious when sharing personal details, secure your online accounts with strong, unique passwords, and regularly monitor your financial statements for any suspicious activity. Remember, education and awareness are our strongest weapons against the malicious forces that lurk in the shadows of our world.

In the end, the paranormal journey from the Jazz Age of New York to the Cheesecake Killer Nasyrova case serves as both a cautionary tale and a call to action. We must remain vigilant and take responsibility for our own security in the face of ever-evolving threats. By doing so, we can prevent ourselves from becoming victims of the dark arts of toxicology and identity theft, and ensure that those who wield these sinister powers are brought to justice.