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Make Contact With Paranormal Detectives & Investigators

We believe paranormal services should be free. Brooklyn Paranormal Society aims to offer free paranormal support and services for clients. The nature of your need, and availability of our volunteers will be considered when selecting cases. In the event we can’t dedicate the resources necessary to close your case satisfactorily, we’ll attempt to refer to you to a credible third-party for assistance after contact.

Paranormal Near Me

Our Red Hook office is open Thursday through Saturday nights, from 7pm to late. For paranormal support and services, please stop by before 9:30pm.

Transportation to Red Hook is easy, uber and lyft trips are under $8 from nearby neighborhoods, and car2go and revel make excellent, and cheap options to get to Red Hook. We’re quite close to the IKEA, Hometown BBQ and other delights.

Brooklyn Paranormal Society Clubhouse

Paranormal Tips Hotline

We offer FREE Paranormal Support and Services through our Toll Free Paranormal Tips Hotline. To speak with a Paranormal Detective, please call and leave a tip. We often respond within minutes, but a short delay may be encountered. Call us at: 844-4-GHOULS.

Paranormal Support by Email

Email works. One thing first; we love collaborations and working with local entertainers, musicians and artists but we hate solicitations. Especially ones for content hand-out’s. Don’t email us for free content, including video. For paranormal support, to collaborate, or any reason other than to ask about our content library; email us.