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Green-Wood Trolley Tour

Join the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS) for a unique and exciting Green-Wood Trolley Tour experience.

Explore the historic landscape of Green-Wood Cemetery, with its 478 acres of art, history, and nature, aboard their fully heated trolley.
Our psychic, and their expert tour guides will take you on a journey through the cemetery, where you’ll visit the graves of some of America’s greatest figures, including artists, poets, and elected officials.
With the additional fee, the BKPS psychic will join us on the tour for as we travel through the cemetery. When it comes to paranormal investigations, having a skilled psychic on board can greatly enhance the experience. Psychics are able to tap into the energy of a location and communicate with any lingering spirits that may be present.
The psychic will also utilize their own abilities to sense the presence of spirits and communicate with them. This can be done through clairvoyance (seeing spirits), clairaudience (hearing spirits), or clairsentience (feeling the presence of spirits).
It’s important to keep an open mind and remain respectful during a paranormal investigation. It’s also a good idea to bring along any personal objects that may have sentimental value, as spirits may be able to make a connection through these items.
Overall, a paranormal investigation with a psychic can be a truly unique and fascinating experience. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, it’s a chance to explore the unknown and perhaps make contact with the other side.
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover all that Green-Wood Cemetery has to offer.

Sign up today and join us on the Green-Wood Trolley Tour!

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