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Staying Credible while Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is a serious pursuit, and more and more groups are adopting strict protocols to protect their credibility and achieve their goals. Gone are the days of the “barging-around-an-old-house” approach that used to be popular. Today, groups that ignore the scientific approach quickly find themselves without clients and faced with genuine credibility issues.

Sylmar Gravity Hill: A Spine-Chilling Encounter

Sylmar Gravity Hill in California is shrouded in mystery and haunted legends, with reported unexplained vehicle movements and paranormal encounters. Despite skeptics proposing optical illusions and magnetic forces as explanations, believers remain convinced of supernatural forces at play. The location continues to captivate visitors, offering an unforgettable experience and leaving them questioning the natural world.

More Bodies Found in Gowanus Canal

Step into the enigmatic realm of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, where recent events have sent shivers down the spines of locals. Over the past few weeks, this once-tranquil waterway has transformed into a haunting ground for mysteries. In a startling twist, not one, but two lifeless bodies have been unearthed from its murky depths, leaving both residents and authorities baffled.