The "Aroma of Tacoma" - demonic activity in Tacoma, Washington

Does The ‘Aroma of Tacoma’ Indicate Demonic Activity?

The “Aroma of Tacoma”; the strong noxious odor that has long been present in Tacoma, Washington has caused many to question whether there may be signs of demonic activity at play in the city. Witnesses to the ghastly smell have reported feeling “possessed” and close to being “knocked-out.”

In this article, we will delve into the history of sulfur and its connection to demonology, examining the various traditions and mythologies in which sulfur has been linked to Hell and evil. We will explore the possibility that the sulfuric odor in Tacoma could be a sign of demonic influence, and consider what this might mean for those who have experienced it.

Sulfur and Demonology

Sulfur has a long and complex history of association with evil in various traditions and mythologies throughout the world. In ancient Greek mythology, sulfur was often associated with the underworld and was used as a symbol of damnation and punishment.

The association between sulfur; often called brimstone, and the underworld may have stemmed from the fact that sulfur was commonly found in volcanic regions, which were often associated with Hell in various religions and mythologies.

The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, associate Hell and evil with sulfur. In the Hebrew Bible, sulfur is mentioned as a component of the “burning wind” that God sends to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

The New Testament states sulfur is one of the elements that will be present in the lake of fire, a place of punishment for the wicked in the afterlife. In Islamic tradition, sulfur is also associated with Hell and is described as one of the substances that will be used to torture the damned.

Sulfur has also been used in various rituals and spells as a means of warding off evil spirits or attracting good luck. In some traditions, sulfur is believed to have protective properties and is used to create protective circles or talismans. The use of sulfur in rituals and spells may have originated from its association with Hell and the belief that it could repel or ward off evil spirits.

Popular movies and television shows, such as “Supernatural,” have helped to perpetuate the belief that sulfur, or the smell of rotten eggs, accompanies the presence of a demon. In the show, the characters often encounter demons that emit a strong sulfuric odor, and the smell is used as a sign of their presence. This portrayal of sulfur as a marker of demonic activity has contributed to the enduring belief that the smell of sulfur is a sign of evil or supernatural activity.

What’s Causing The “Aroma of Tacoma”?

The odor of Tacoma is largely attributed to pollution in Commencement Bay, which was once ranked as one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country, as well as industrial smokestacks and animal rendering facilities. Despite efforts to address the issue, the smell persisted for many years.

In the 1980s, the cleanup of Commencement Bay was placed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities list, and the EPA spent 25 years working with businesses and the community on initiatives to restore the bay. The Simpson Tacoma Kraft pulp and paper mill, one of the biggest contributors to the smell, also took steps to reduce their emissions in the 1990s. These efforts have largely been successful in improving the aroma of Tacoma.

Emma Johnson, witness to Aroma of Tacoma.
(c) Anthony Long – BKPS

“I almost passed out when I first smelled it. It was so overpowering and sickly. I couldn’t believe that people actually lived in a place where this was the norm.”

Emma Johnson, witness to “aroma of tacoma”

Is Tacoma, Washington Under Demonic Influence?

Despite the rumors and speculation, it is highly unlikely that the city of Tacoma, Washington is under demonic influence simply because of the smell of sulfur in the air. In fact, the smell is more likely caused by pollution in the city, specifically the pollution in Commencement Bay and industrial smokestacks.

However, if you do happen to notice a sudden increase in demonic activity in Tacoma, be sure to reach out to the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. Chances are we’ll be there investigating the city’s numerous reports of flying saucers.

Are you one of the lucky individuals who has had the unique opportunity to experience the mysterious sulfuric aroma in Tacoma, Washington? If so, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society wants to hear from you! Our team of dedicated paranormal specialists is excited to learn about your experience and offer support and guidance.

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an oil pastel painting of the notorious b.i.g.

Does Christopher Wallace Haunt Brooklyn?


Does Christopher Wallace Haunt Brooklyn? The Brooklyn Paranormal Society has received numerous reports of ghostly activity in Bedford-Stuyvesant, specifically centered around the former childhood home of Christopher Wallace, also known as the rapper Biggie Smalls, aka the Notorious B.I.G., aka Frank White, aka Big Poppa.

Since his untimely death in 1997, Biggie has had a lasting impact on the community, with vigils, murals, and other imagery of him scattered throughout the neighborhood. Many believe that the spirit of Biggie haunts the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant, with sightings of his ghost being reported by both locals and tourists.

“I used to live near The Notorious B.I.G.’s old house, and I would often see his ghost walking the streets at night. He looked just like he did in his music videos, and he would always be wearing that red flannel shirt and those Timberland boots. It was a little creepy, but it was also kind of cool to see the ghost of such a legendary rapper.”

Tina T., a former Bed-Stuy resident

Biggie Smalls Ghost Sightings

In recent years, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society has seen a surge in reports of ghostly activity involving the rapper Notorious B.I.G. on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These reports often involve sightings of Biggie’s spirit in various locations around Bedford-Stuyvesant, his former childhood neighborhood. We’ve even been stopped in the street to ask “Does Christopher Wallace Haunt Brooklyn?”

What’s Causing More Biggie Ghost Sightings?

There are several possible reasons for the increase in reports of Biggie’s ghost on social media. One possibility is that the widespread use of social media has made it easier for people to share their experiences and theories about paranormal activity. With the proliferation of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it is now easier than ever for people to document their encounters with the supernatural and share them with a wider audience.

Another possibility is that news events and media coverage of Biggie and his legacy may be contributing to the increased sightings of his ghost. As the 25th anniversary of his death approaches, there has been a renewed interest in the life and career of the rapper, and this may be causing his spirit to be more active in the public consciousness.

It is worth noting that, while there have been many reports of Biggie’s ghost on social media, it is difficult to confirm the veracity of these claims. Many people may be experiencing a phenomenon known as “confirmation bias,” where they are more likely to believe in the paranormal because they want to see evidence of it. Others may be motivated by a desire for attention or fame, and may be exaggerating or fabricating their experiences.

Why Would Biggie Haunt Brooklyn?

“The ghosts of violence linger long after the violence has ended. The spirits of those who have died at the hands of others haunt the places where they were killed, and their presence is a reminder of the terrible deeds that were done there.”

Matt S., Brooklyn Paranormal Society member

Some people believe that the ghost of Wallace is still in Bed-Stuy because he never got to see his childhood neighborhood become the thriving and vibrant community that it is today. Others believe that the ghost of Wallace is a reminder of the violence and tragedy that has plagued Bed-Stuy and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, while some think it was a mobland style hit by a bitter label boss…

“Big probably haunts Bed-Stuy because he has unfinished business with Puff. We all know Puff did him dirty!”

Chuck B, member of Brooklyn Paranormal Society

The claim that Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls, was considering leaving Bad Boy Records has been confirmed by a former bodyguard for the label. This raises the question of whether the alleged mob-style hit on Biggie and the rumored missed $60 million payday could be factors in his spirit allegedly haunting Bedford-Stuyvesant in the afterlife.

So, Does Biggie Haunt Bed Stuy?

While there is no concrete evidence that the ghost of The Notorious B.I.G. truly haunts the streets of Brooklyn, the legend adds an eerie and fascinating element to the history of the neighborhood. Many people visit the area in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ghost, and some even claim to have seen him walking near his childhood home.

Whether or not one believes in the paranormal, the legend of The Notorious B.I.G.’s ghost adds an interesting layer to the story of Bed-Stuy and its history. The neighborhood has a rich and vibrant past, and the ghost of one of its most famous residents only adds to its allure.

A rendering of the Notorious BIG.

Hunting Bed-Stuy with Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS)

Are you interested in exploring the supernatural and uncovering the secrets of the paranormal? Do you need first-hand experience confirming Does Christopher Wallace Haunt Brooklyn? If so, then the Brooklyn Paranormal Society might be the perfect fit for you!

Based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is a group of individuals who are passionate about investigating cases of paranormal activity. We meet weekly to discuss our findings and plan our next investigations. Our headquarters are located right in the heart of Bed-Stuy, making it easy for us to access the many haunted locations throughout the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in joining us on one of our investigations, you can fill out an application on our website. As a member of the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of investigations, from private homes to historical sites. You’ll work alongside our experienced team of paranormal investigators, using a range of equipment and techniques to gather evidence and try to understand the supernatural forces at work.

Joining the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the mysteries of the paranormal. Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or just starting out, we welcome all members who are interested in learning more about the supernatural. So don’t wait – apply today and start investigating with the Brooklyn Paranormal Society!

A 35 mm photo of orbs on Lake Ronkonkoma

Is Lake Ronkonkoma Haunted?

Watch our film “Lady of the Lake: Bake Ronkonkoma” on Youtube

The legend of the Lady of the Lake has captivated the attention of Long Island locals for decades. Nestled just outside of the bustling city, the tranquil waters of Lake Ronkonkoma hide a dark and haunting legend. For centuries, rumors have circulated of a ghostly woman who haunts the lake, luring unsuspecting victims to their watery graves. Whether the legend is true or not, the Lady of the Lake remains a pervasive presence on the shores of the lake, a reminder of the power of the paranormal to captivate and intrigue. In this article, we will explore the legend of the Lady of the Lake and its enduring impact on the local community.

An Introduction to Lake Ronkonkoma

Lake Ronkonkoma is a large freshwater body located on Long Island, New York. Nestled just outside of the bustling city, the lake is a serene escape for those seeking solitude. Its tranquil waters and peaceful atmosphere have made it a beloved hidden gem for many decades.

Visitors to Lake Ronkonkoma are drawn to its natural beauty and tranquility. The lake is a popular destination for New Yorkers seeking a peaceful atmosphere, and it has remained a hidden gem beloved by locals for many decades.

Despite its idyllic appearance, the lake is shrouded in mystery and folklore. Some say dangerous whirlpools lurk beneath its surface, while others claim that it is connected to a network of underwater tunnels leading to Connecticut.

“I was walking along the shore of Lake Ronkonkoma when I saw this strange whirlpool in the water. It was swirling and churning, and there was a strange orb near the surface. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was really eerie. Before I could pull my phone out, it was gone!”

Richard Angelo

Perhaps the most enduring legend is that of the Lady of the Lake, a ghostly woman said to haunt the waters of the lake. Whether these tales are rooted in fact or merely local legend, one thing is certain: the Lady of the Lake continues to haunt the imagination of those who hear her story.

At the turn of the century, a quaint lakeside resort was built, attracting wealthy tourists and catching the attention of William Vanderbilt, who eventually built his own private road leading from the heart of Manhattan right the shores of Ronkonkoma.

Another group of people are fond of the lake, for quite a different reason. In the 1970s, Suffolk County ghost hunters, intrigued by the whisperings of their community about a ghost upon the lake, began pilgrimaging to the shores of Lake Ronkonkoma in the hopes of catching a glimpse of what was said to be a female apparition with siren-like qualities.

Lake Ronkonkoma Whirlpools

A rare whirlpool sighting at Lake Ronkonkoma
(c) Anthony Long

There have always been strange rumors circulating about this lake. Though it is fairly normal in appearance, many believe without a shadow of a doubt that there are dangerous whirlpools in its depths. Others are convinced it is attached to a series of labyrinthian underwater tunnels leading to a river in the state of Connecticut.

None of these beliefs have much scientific bearing, as far as we know. They are likely nothing more than local folklore, passed along from parents to their children as warnings to stay away from the murky depths.

Nevertheless, they have contributed to a much more terrifying legend that refuses to go away…

The Lady of the Lake

The story of the ghastly woman of the lake has a tremendously long history. Indeed, murmurs of a grief-stricken ghostly woman in a long dress circling the lake could possibly go back further than the Declaration of Independence itself.

It is said that in the 1600s, when the first settlers were beginning to colonize the Americas, a native princess fell in love with a European settler. Forbidden to see each other by the princess’ overprotective father, they rebelled against cultural norms and tense race relations, and ultimately drowned together in misery. Though his spirit moved on, hers continues to linger, centuries on, tormenting the souls of young male visitors to the lake.

Desperately and fiercely in love, the two lovers developed a plan. Unable to spend time together physically, they figured out that they could keep in touch by passing messages across the lake and occasionally speak to one another from the shores.

There are a variety of different endings to the story, and it seems that no one can agree on exactly what happened. Some say the princess, driven mad with the force of her obsessive love, attempted to cross the lake and drowned. Others believe her lover died first in his efforts to reach her, and the pain of this terrible loss compelled her to take her own life.

A decrepit rowboat is an eerie fixture in some of the tales. In others, the mystery of the romance is centralized around the lover’s letters, cast across the slow-moving waters. Wails of mourning can be heard late at night, along with visions of the Lady pacing along the shore and unexplainable lights in the sky above the lake.

In any good old-fashioned ghost story, details matter. And this one is vivid.

If all of this sounds wildly familiar to you, you can be forgiven. It’s a tale almost as told as time, with remarkably similar tones to the classic Romeo and Juliet story of two star-crossed lovers. It’s also admittedly a beautiful and romantic story of a beautiful princess, said to be from the Setauket tribe of indigenous Americans, who refused to conform to societal expectations and as a result inevitably died for love.

It might be easy to dismiss this particular legend as a romantic fabrication derived from many similar lovelorn tales of woe, if not for the fact that a fairly persistent rumor remains to this day.

Many say with absolutely certainty that one man a year drowns in the lake.

Male Deaths at Lake Ronkonkoma

Though Suffolk County Police have never officially confirmed this, it is plausible. After all, unintentional drowning claims a startlingly high number of lives annually. Statistics indicate that drowning accidents claim about ten lives each day in the United States. Boating has been a popular activity since the lake’s heyday in the early 1900s.

There’s also another factor. The Lady’s victims of choice all fit a particularly narrow profile: young males. When you take into consideration the propensity of young men to engage in reckless, dangerous behavior, it doesn’t seem at all unreasonable that at least one man a year dies in this quiet, sleepy lake outside of New York City.

It’s a disturbing thought. The death of a young person is always tragic. But the Lady of the Lake seems to take absurd, sadistic pleasure in her killings. Resentful of young men in the prime of their lives, living on in flesh and blood while she is doomed to remain in a purgatorial state for centuries, she calls to these young men. In any case, the men fall under her hypnotic spell and wade into the water where they drown in the undertow.

“The legend of the Lady of the Lake is a classic example of the motif of the femme fatale in folklore. In this tale, the ghostly woman is said to lust for the blood of men, luring them to their watery graves with her siren-like song. This characterization is consistent with the portrayal of women as dangerous, seductive beings in many folktales and myths throughout history.”

Anthony Long, founder Brooklyn Paranormal Society

BKPS Investigates Lake Ronkonkoma

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society braved the eerie waters of Lake Ronkonkoma on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, in search of answers to the legend of the Lady of the Lake. Armed with professional psychic Mary Amy and James the “Astroshaman,” the team set out to investigate the lake and its mysterious past. Despite initial uncertainty, the team was determined to uncover the truth behind the legend and any paranormal activity at the lake.

The results were chilling. During the course of their investigation, the team captured numerous pieces of evidence of paranormal activity at the lake.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence was an audio clip of faint female voices, believed to be the ghostly Lady of the Lake. The team also captured several pictures of orbs, which are often associated with paranormal activity. These orbs were seen hovering over the lake, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the location.

In addition to these pieces of evidence, the team also reported feeling a strong sense of unease and malevolence during their investigation. Some members even reported feeling as though they were being watched or followed by an unseen presence.

While the team is still analyzing the evidence collected during the investigation, it is clear that the legend of the Lady of the Lake is more than just a local folklore. The evidence captured by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society points to the existence of truly paranormal activity at Lake Ronkonkoma.

Success! You're on the list.
Immigrants Welcome Church Front (© Anthony Long 2018)

The Refugee Spirits of Fort Greene

A Lead Points to Fort Greene

When BKPS received a tip from a member that a church right here in our own backyard of Fort Greene was exhibiting signs of paranormal activity, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church Fort Greene. Photo (© Anthony Long 2018)
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Fort Greene. Photo (© Anthony Long 2018)

Passing twice daily when commuting, I often note a large “refugees welcome” sign. It’s always stood out to me, particularly in comparison to the other churches on the same stroll, which are authoritative and more traditional in appearance.

Acting on a tip, I set out from Bed Stuy on a brisk night; the temperature ebbing around the freezing mark. Each step against the wind pained me, as my thoughts slowed to a crawl inline with my pace.

Inching toward the church, I pondered my chances of finding evidence: Not high. Considering never before had I any inkling of this holy site hosting paranormal peeps, tonight probably wouldn’t be the night.

My source duteously informed me of unusual activity that could be paranormal. The report included extreme temperature fluctuations in the general vicinity of the “church sign”, and a sorrowful presence that affected the self-professed empathic reporter greatly.

Being midway through December, this tip that the sidewalk near the church was “physically a bit warmer” than other areas seemed especially curious. When investigating other instances* similar in nature, I found reasonable sources for abnormal events.

* Some ghost hunters say a cold spot is an area of localized coldness, or a sudden drop in ambient temperature. On investigations, they’ll use digital thermometers or heat sensing devices to measure temperature changes to record data.

Finding a cold spot seemed unlikely in the frigid temperatures, with my face unable to register temperatures below 40. After researching, I found a source which indicated “hot hot-spots” were significantly rarer than their cooler counterparts.

Numb to the cold, I stood firm documenting the temperatures of the concrete and church signage, hoping to hit the jackpot; an unexplainable warm-to-the-touch spot.

Temperate gun shows temperature of floor near paranormal hotspot, in Brooklyn NY.
Digital Thermometer Laser Infrared Temperature Gun; or Temp Gun displays reading of 27.5F at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene. (© Anthony Long 2018)

Turns out, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church (located in Fort Greene) has a rich and fascinating history. Founded in the 1850s by abolitionists, today the church’s pastor, Rev. David F. Telfort, continues to dedicate much of his time to issues relating to social justice. The church is known to be a safe and welcoming space for immigrants, refugees, and minorities.

As I investigated the church and its surroundings, I maintained a reasonable level of skepticism. I will say with confidence that I personally didn’t encounter any unusual patches of warmth on the sidewalk or anywhere near the church. However, the morbid sense of longing and sadness did make itself known to me.

I don’t consider myself an overly intuitive person and have never claimed to possess any particular psychic abilities, but my work with Brooklyn Paranormal Society has enabled me to make use of some exciting and innovative new technologies that lift the veil to the other side, in a sense, and expose some of the mysterious happenings we might otherwise fail to notice.

As I gazed upon the architecture, my attention was diverted to my iPhone. The ghost hunting app M2 Ghost Hunter, revealed in rather uncharacteristic rapid succession – three words; supposed communications from the spirits. At first glance, this appeared to be a bleak and somewhat disturbing message.

Reflecting on Fort Greene

Recall the significance of the location. Do your best to visualize Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian in the mid-1800s, its congregation joining together in worship, its abolitionist theology wildly subversive. It’s plausible that tremendous despair and sorrow followed many of the members of this congregation from their former homes.

Such a place could certainly be a conduit for mournful spirits, perhaps those left in a liminal state, unable to safely cross over after an unjust or violent death. Then again, this church was also a place of freedom. It served as a safe haven for human beings deemed by the law to be unworthy of basic rights. It opened its doors to the oppressed, offered them a second chance, allowed them to join in the spirit of redemption.

People of all races broke bread together right here in Fort Greene. Doesn’t it seem just as likely that immense peace and healing also took place on this very spot? Perhaps the spirits left lingering were not trying to communicate their anger or sorrow through the M2, but their joyful liberation.

As I contemplated the strange words revealed to me on my phone screen I suddenly recalled an ancient term well known amongst the paranormal community. The concept of “egregore” originated in the occult, but was repurposed by Gaetan Delaforge in Gnosis Magazine in 1987. He defines it as “a kind of group mind that is created when people come together for a common purpose.’”

The contemporary meaning is less sinister than the original, which refers specifically to a collective psychic entity with the power to influence thoughts. Mind control conspiracies aside, I believe that both definitions could apply in this case.

Possibly, the souls of these parishioners are still crying out for change, attempting to reach the hearts of people still living in Fort Greene. The simple three words conveyed to me through the M2 could be viewed in either a negative or positive light. It all depends on how one chooses to interpret the message.

Gnosis magazine covers.
Gnosis Magazine, circa 1980s.

Anthony Long is the Chief Ectoplasm Officer for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society.