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Camille Flammarion’s Insights: Unraveling the Mystery of Death

Explore the enigmatic world of Camille Flammarion’s 19th-century paranormal research as we unravel the mysteries of death and the afterlife. Delve into the realm of mediumship, spiritual phenomena, and communication with the departed in this intriguing historical exploration.

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery

Investigating Green-Wood Cemetery is a popular pastime for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society. Located in Brooklyn, New York, this allegedly haunted 478-acre cemetery is home to over 560,000 permanent residents, many of whom are said to still roam the grounds. On March 11th, 2023, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society will be taking a trolley tour through Green-Wood […]

‘Psychological Seance’ with Brooklyn Paranormal Society

As a means for communicating with the dead, the seance has a dicey reputation. The history of spirit channeling is mired in controversy and fraud. As a form of entertainment however, few things can surpass the psychological seance for drama and theatrics. This ceremony of spirit-calling combines mysticism, showmanship, audience participation and, when done right, […]