When Buzz Aldrin Punched a Reporter

The Controversial Incident: Buzz Aldrin’s Encounter with a Reporter In the world of space exploration, Buzz Aldrin is a name that needs no introduction. As the second man to set foot on the moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, Aldrin became an instant icon. However, there is one incident that stands out […]

NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life Heats Up

If you’re a fan of “The X-Files,” you’ll know the saying “The Truth Is Out There”. With the work of NASA, and other organizations, the search for extraterrestrial life is heating up. But what if NASA does uncover proof of alien life? Would they inform the public, or keep it a secret. Join us as […]

UFOs Go Mainstream: The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Revealed

This week may go down in UFO lore as the week UFOs went mainstream. Kind of like The Year Punk Broke, but with flying saucers instead of flannel and power chords. OK, maybe it isn’t full government disclosure, yet. But it sure makes a good Christmas stocking stuffer for many ufologists who are looking for […]