Lead East 2021

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society is racing to Lead East!

The world’s largest and highest quality classic car and Rock ‘n’ Roll event is happening September 3-5th! Join the party, and hang with the Brooklyn Paranormal Society all weekend!

Prepare for 30 live bands and musicians plus five DJ’s inside and out. We deliver a family oriented festival packed full of events that celebrates decades of legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll. Prepare for a nostalgic weekend of fun and frights!

Ghost-Hunting Joey Ramone at Arlene’s Grocery

Arlene’s Grocery has been a lower east side institution since 1995 when the former bodega, and butcher shop were turned in to a venue. Since then, thousands of bands have played in the building; including notable performances by Lady Gaga and The Strokes. Charged performances by electric artists often leave a lasting impression.

While multiple sightings of ghosts have been reported by concert goers, we will be attempting to make contact specifically with Joey Ramone. Joey lived a few blocks from the venue, and is said to wander to the premises when a spectacular show is playing.

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