Brooklyn Paranormal Society Hosts A Séance

Brooklyn Paranormal Society Hosts A Séance

On the evening of March 11th, 2023, we, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (BKPS), hosted an extraordinary séance in the elegant condominium of Liz Pop, a longtime member of our society. Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Park Slope and near the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, her home served as the perfect setting for an evening of mystique and otherworldly encounters.

As we gathered in the dimly-lit living room, the air was thick with anticipation. Fourteen attendees, including two renowned psychics—James and Sakura—were present, as well as a journalist and the founder and co-founder of BKPS, Anthony Long and Andrew Arnett. Our purpose that night was to delve into the unknown and make contact with spirits that lingered within the confines of Liz Pop’s home. Liz, a widow, believed she was haunted by the spirit of her late ex-husband, Dee Pop, the drummer of the band Bush Tetras.

The auditory experience for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society séance was masterfully curated by Luciform, who enveloped the room with ambient music that seemed to resonate with our very souls. The soft melodies, in harmony with flickering candlelight, cast a warm glow upon the participants as we prepared for the séance. Assembled around the table, we joined hands, forming a circle of unity and trust.

The séance began with psychic James taking the lead, guiding us as he channeled energy from the spiritual realm. His deep, soothing voice commanded the room as he invoked the spirits, beckoning them to communicate with us. As the minutes ticked by, the atmosphere grew dense, as though the very air was charged with supernatural energy.

It wasn’t long before we encountered multiple spirits, each with their own distinct presence. In one video captured by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society during the séance, a disembodied voice whispered, “No one’s coming in.” The words sent chills down our spines, a tangible reminder that we were not alone.

As the séance progressed, we felt an invisible wave of energy sweep across the room. In an instant, the lit candles adorning the table were disrupted, their flames flickering wildly as though disturbed by an unseen force. The event snapped us out of focus, and several group members, including our founder Anthony Long, looked shocked and disturbed by the experience.

“I was skeptical until the very moment I felt the energy crash through the room,” Anthony admitted later, his voice still tinged with awe. “I’ve always approached these investigations with a critical eye, but what I experienced tonight is beyond any rational explanation.”

Erik M, another attendee and believer in the paranormal, was equally stunned by the evening’s events. “I’ve always been open to the possibility of the supernatural, but seeing psychic James channel energy and communicate with the spirits was nothing short of astounding,” he shared, his eyes wide with disbelief.

Throughout the evening, we continued to communicate with the spirits, each exchange leaving an indelible mark on our souls. As we delved deeper into the spiritual world, we uncovered the story of a widow who had sought out the BKPS in hopes of making contact with her deceased husband. She longed for closure and the chance to bid him a proper farewell. Through the séance, we were able to facilitate this heart-wrenching exchange and, in doing so, gained a deeper understanding of the sorrow and longing that can transcend the boundaries between life and death.

The séance proved to be an eye-opening experience for all present, from the skeptics to the believers. As we closed the session and said our goodbyes to the spirits, the room seemed to grow lighter, as if a weight had been lifted. We emerged from the shadows of the unknown, forever changed by our encounters with the spiritual realm.

As the attendees dispersed, a palpable sense of camaraderie lingered among us. We had delved into the mysteries of the paranormal together, forming bonds that transcended the realms of logic and reason. Those who had entered the séance as skeptics left with their beliefs shaken, while the believers found their faith in the supernatural reaffirmed.

In the days following the séance, the atmosphere within Liz Pop’s home felt lighter, as if a sense of closure had been achieved. While we cannot definitively say whether the spirit of her late ex-husband, Dee Pop, was among those we encountered that night, the experience provided Liz with solace and a deeper understanding of the world beyond our own.

For the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, this séance was more than just an investigation—it was a journey into the depths of human emotion and a testament to the power of the unknown. In our quest to uncover the secrets of the spiritual realm, we found ourselves confronted with the very essence of life itself: love, loss, and the eternal bond between souls.

As we continue our explorations into the mysterious and enigmatic world of the paranormal, we are reminded of the value of approaching these investigations with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unknown. It is only through this openness that we can hope to unravel the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of our mortal existence.

We, the members of the Brooklyn Paranormal Society, extend our heartfelt gratitude to Liz Pop for opening her home and sharing her story with us. We also wish to express our appreciation to the psychics, James and Sakura, for their invaluable guidance during the séance, and to Luciform for the mesmerizing auditory experience that set the stage for our otherworldly encounter.

As we venture forth into the shadows, we carry with us the memories of that fateful night—the whispers of the spirits, the flickering candlelight, and the invisible energy that swept through the room. Our exploration of the paranormal continues, forever guided by the knowledge and experiences we have gained.

For those who dare to believe, the realm of the supernatural is a world filled with mystery and wonder. As we continue our journey into the unknown, we invite you to join us, and together, we will seek to uncover the secrets that lie hidden in the shadows.

Digital Voice Recorders - Used for paranormal investigations

What is Electronic Voice Phenomenon?

Introduction to Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Digital Voice Recorder
Digital Voice Recorder

Electronic Voice Phenomenon, also known as EVP, is a phenomenon in which voices or other sounds that are not audible to the human ear are recorded on electronic devices. These sounds are believed by some to be the voices of ghosts or spirits, and are often considered to be evidence of paranormal activity.

The idea of EVP first emerged in the 1950s, when a man named Friedrich Jürgenson claimed to have recorded the voices of spirits on his audio equipment. Since then, the use of EVP as a method of ghost hunting has become popular, with many people using recording devices in an attempt to capture these elusive sounds.

There are various techniques that people use to try and capture EVP. Some people use specialized recording equipment, while others use everyday devices such as smartphones or digital voice recorders, while others use vintage equipment like Talkboys. In some cases, people use white noise or other background sounds to try and encourage ghosts or spirits to communicate.

EVP should not be recorded in noisy locations due to interference from background noises.

The authenticity of EVP is a matter of debate within the scientific community. Some people believe that these recordings are genuine evidence of the paranormal, while others argue that they can be easily explained by natural causes such as radio interference or other electronic glitches.

Despite the controversy surrounding EVP, it remains a popular method of ghost hunting and a topic of fascination for many people. Whether or not the voices and sounds captured on electronic devices are truly the voices of the dead is a mystery that may never be fully resolved.

Mobile Software for Capturing EVP

In recent years, the use of mobile apps for electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recording has become increasingly popular. These apps offer features such as the ability to record and save clips, as well as tools for analyzing and highlighting potential anomalies in the audio.

One example of an app that offers EVP recording technology is M2. This app is designed specifically for ghost hunting and includes a range of features that make it easy to capture and analyze audio recordings. The app allows users to save and replay clips, as well as use tools to help identify potential paranormal activity.

There are a number of other apps on the market that also offer EVP recording technology, including Ghost Radar, Ghost Science M3, and Ghost Hunter. These apps are often designed to be easy to use and can be a useful tool for people interested in ghost hunting or exploring the paranormal.

While the validity of EVP as evidence of paranormal activity is a matter of debate, these apps can be a fun and interesting way for people to explore the possibility of communicating with ghosts or spirits. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the results of these recordings may be easily explained by natural causes and should not be considered conclusive evidence of the paranormal.

Computer Software for Processing EVP

Some popular audio processing software programs that are used in EVP investigation include Audacity, Adobe Audition, and Sound Forge Audio Studio. These programs offer a range of features that can be useful for analyzing audio recordings, including the ability to adjust the volume, equalize the frequency spectrum, and remove background noise.

Some people who investigate EVP also use software tools to manipulate the audio in order to make the voices or sounds more clear or audible. This can involve techniques such as pitch shifting, time stretching, or filtering out certain frequencies.

It’s important to keep in mind that the authenticity of EVP is a matter of debate within the scientific community, and the use of audio processing software does not necessarily provide conclusive evidence of the paranormal. These tools can be useful for analyzing audio recordings, but the results should be interpreted with caution and considered in conjunction with other evidence.

Cudjoe’s Rum Soaked Celebrations

Every year, on January 6th, the Accompong Town Maroons of St Elizabeth, Jamaica celebrate the birthday of Captain Cudjoe and their victory over the British. As part of the celebrations, ancestral spirits are appeased with offerings of rum and food, and humans willingly allow themselves to be possessed by these spirits. Although outsiders are generally not permitted to witness these rituals, this article offers an inside look at the festivities.

Honoring Captain Cudjoe

Captain Cudjoe (who was named either Kojo or Kwadwo) was a Jamaican Maroon leader who is best known for his role in leading the Maroons to victory over the British in the First Maroon War. The Maroons were runaway slaves who had formed independent communities in the mountains of Jamaica. They were skilled warriors and fierce fighters, and they were able to repel the British forces who tried to recapture them.

In 1739, the British offered a treaty to the Maroons, promising them their freedom and land in exchange for their help in capturing runaway slaves. Cudjoe was one of the leaders who signed the treaty on behalf of the Maroons, and he played a key role in ensuring that the Maroons were able to hold on to their freedom and their land.

Cudjoe’s victory over the British was an important moment in Jamaican history, and it is celebrated every year on January 6th by the Accompong Town Maroons of St Elizabeth. The Maroons continue to hold their land and maintain their independence to this day, thanks in large part to the leadership of Captain Cudjoe.

A Young Child is Possessed

A few years back while the feeding of the ancestral spirits was going on in the Peace Cave, some outsiders gathered just beyond the entrance to enjoy unsalted food amid spirited drumming, dancing and singing under the Kinda Tree.

Suddenly, an alarm was raised which results in people running over to a spot above the Kinda Tree where a little girl had collapsed and was lying motionless.

As the crowd gathered, she laid motionless. Anxious shouts and exclamations were made, as she was said to be in a myal, a trance-like state in which the subjects are unresponsive to stimuli around them and are not aware of their actions. The drum and rum were summoned. People shouted, asking onlookers to clear the spot.

Women knelt beside her, fanning and shaking her, but she would not budge. Confusion reigned as everyone, including police officers, were shouting instructions. There was the flashing of rum. the child stirred, and listless and dazed. A woman, appearing to be her mother, took her up and whisked her away with the police as some onlookers trailed them. On the woman’s shoulder, the child raised her head, and opened her eyes. They were glazed.

And, as if nothing had just happened, it was immediately back to the singing and drumming. Soon, the procession from the Peace Cave was back. But just when people were joining it to the parade ground, it made a U-turn back towards the Kinda Tree. Then, unannounced, the sounds of gunfire rang out.

It was actually a gun salute from the JCF.

Spirits in Rhythm

As the procession at Accompong Town prepared to make its way to the parade ground, the energy among the participants heightened…

Drumming, singing and dancing under the Kinda Tree.
(c) Paul Williams

A male Maroon dancer and drummer began to move vigorously, with the dancer basically performing acrobatics, furthermore dancing on his head, while being in a trance-like state. The drummer lost control of his drum as his body convulsed, but eventually regained possession of it and played with another drummer. The dancer calmed down, but the drummer was appeared dazed.

As the procession was about to move again, a Revivalist man fell into a gully and had to be rescued. Another woman who became possessed had to be brought back to reality. Eventually, the procession continued, with the participants singing “clear road, oh” as they made their way toward lunch.

Immigrants Welcome Church Front (© Anthony Long 2018)

The Refugee Spirits of Fort Greene

A Lead Points to Fort Greene

When BKPS received a tip from a member that a church right here in our own backyard of Fort Greene was exhibiting signs of paranormal activity, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church Fort Greene. Photo (© Anthony Long 2018)
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Fort Greene. Photo (© Anthony Long 2018)

Passing twice daily when commuting, I often note a large “refugees welcome” sign. It’s always stood out to me, particularly in comparison to the other churches on the same stroll, which are authoritative and more traditional in appearance.

Acting on a tip, I set out from Bed Stuy on a brisk night; the temperature ebbing around the freezing mark. Each step against the wind pained me, as my thoughts slowed to a crawl inline with my pace.

Inching toward the church, I pondered my chances of finding evidence: Not high. Considering never before had I any inkling of this holy site hosting paranormal peeps, tonight probably wouldn’t be the night.

My source duteously informed me of unusual activity that could be paranormal. The report included extreme temperature fluctuations in the general vicinity of the “church sign”, and a sorrowful presence that affected the self-professed empathic reporter greatly.

Being midway through December, this tip that the sidewalk near the church was “physically a bit warmer” than other areas seemed especially curious. When investigating other instances* similar in nature, I found reasonable sources for abnormal events.

* Some ghost hunters say a cold spot is an area of localized coldness, or a sudden drop in ambient temperature. On investigations, they’ll use digital thermometers or heat sensing devices to measure temperature changes to record data.

Finding a cold spot seemed unlikely in the frigid temperatures, with my face unable to register temperatures below 40. After researching, I found a source which indicated “hot hot-spots” were significantly rarer than their cooler counterparts.

Numb to the cold, I stood firm documenting the temperatures of the concrete and church signage, hoping to hit the jackpot; an unexplainable warm-to-the-touch spot.

Temperate gun shows temperature of floor near paranormal hotspot, in Brooklyn NY.
Digital Thermometer Laser Infrared Temperature Gun; or Temp Gun displays reading of 27.5F at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene. (© Anthony Long 2018)

Turns out, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church (located in Fort Greene) has a rich and fascinating history. Founded in the 1850s by abolitionists, today the church’s pastor, Rev. David F. Telfort, continues to dedicate much of his time to issues relating to social justice. The church is known to be a safe and welcoming space for immigrants, refugees, and minorities.

As I investigated the church and its surroundings, I maintained a reasonable level of skepticism. I will say with confidence that I personally didn’t encounter any unusual patches of warmth on the sidewalk or anywhere near the church. However, the morbid sense of longing and sadness did make itself known to me.

I don’t consider myself an overly intuitive person and have never claimed to possess any particular psychic abilities, but my work with Brooklyn Paranormal Society has enabled me to make use of some exciting and innovative new technologies that lift the veil to the other side, in a sense, and expose some of the mysterious happenings we might otherwise fail to notice.

As I gazed upon the architecture, my attention was diverted to my iPhone. The ghost hunting app M2 Ghost Hunter, revealed in rather uncharacteristic rapid succession – three words; supposed communications from the spirits. At first glance, this appeared to be a bleak and somewhat disturbing message.

Reflecting on Fort Greene

Recall the significance of the location. Do your best to visualize Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian in the mid-1800s, its congregation joining together in worship, its abolitionist theology wildly subversive. It’s plausible that tremendous despair and sorrow followed many of the members of this congregation from their former homes.

Such a place could certainly be a conduit for mournful spirits, perhaps those left in a liminal state, unable to safely cross over after an unjust or violent death. Then again, this church was also a place of freedom. It served as a safe haven for human beings deemed by the law to be unworthy of basic rights. It opened its doors to the oppressed, offered them a second chance, allowed them to join in the spirit of redemption.

People of all races broke bread together right here in Fort Greene. Doesn’t it seem just as likely that immense peace and healing also took place on this very spot? Perhaps the spirits left lingering were not trying to communicate their anger or sorrow through the M2, but their joyful liberation.

As I contemplated the strange words revealed to me on my phone screen I suddenly recalled an ancient term well known amongst the paranormal community. The concept of “egregore” originated in the occult, but was repurposed by Gaetan Delaforge in Gnosis Magazine in 1987. He defines it as “a kind of group mind that is created when people come together for a common purpose.’”

The contemporary meaning is less sinister than the original, which refers specifically to a collective psychic entity with the power to influence thoughts. Mind control conspiracies aside, I believe that both definitions could apply in this case.

Possibly, the souls of these parishioners are still crying out for change, attempting to reach the hearts of people still living in Fort Greene. The simple three words conveyed to me through the M2 could be viewed in either a negative or positive light. It all depends on how one chooses to interpret the message.

Gnosis magazine covers.
Gnosis Magazine, circa 1980s.

Anthony Long is the Chief Ectoplasm Officer for the Brooklyn Paranormal Society.