Thai Paranormal

Thai Paranormal is an event hosted by the Brooklyn Paranormal Society on February 23rd, 2020.

Thailand - Thai Paranormal

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia that’s over 700 years old. Thai people believe in and respect superstition, the supernatural, miracles, magic, animism, amulets, and more.

The superstitious Thai people have created (or observed depending on your view) an endless list of cultural beliefs around the paranormal and metaphysical. Ghosts are a sacred belief in Thai culture, with no shortage of ghouls rumored to haunt humans. From birth, Thai people are told stories of various incarnations of ghouls and spirits, some friendly but most not.

There’s over a hundred varieties of ghosts in Thailand. Some include the Preta, a tall, thin ghost that seeks vengeance among the living; the Pi Pob, which enters human bodies and possesses them; Phi Lung Kluang, a variety from southern Thailand that takes a human form with a hole in its back, exposing its skeleton; and widow ghosts, prevalent in northeastern Thailand, which seek to steal husbands from their families.

It goes without saying a fervent belief in the supernatural, ghosts and all things metaphysical infuses the day-to-day in Thailand. Ministers bless and cleanse their offices at auspicious times; military generals have been known to consult psychics before a big decision, such as launching a coup.

Thai People Hang Red Shirts to Ward Off Ghosts
Residents of a village in Thailand have taken to hanging red shirts outside of their houses in an effort to repel spirits.

Recently residents of a village in Thailand have taken to hanging red shirts outside of their houses in an effort to repel what they believe is a malevolent spirit responsible for a series of mysterious deaths.

The ghost craze erupted after a whopping 13 men in the community of Ban Tha Luang died over the course of the last three months.

Since the men were apparently healthy when they died, concerns began to spread throughout the village that their deaths were due to a vengeful spirit.

When the thirteenth ‘victim,’ Boon-uan Baebphimai was discovered dead in the middle of a road, villagers became convinced that their community was being targeted by a vengeful spirit. As such, they turned to a traditional Thai method for protecting against malevolent ghosts: hanging a red shirt outside their homes.

Attached to the crimson clothing is a sheet of paper with a message warning families with only one son that they are particularly vulnerable to the widow’s ghost.

While it is likely a matter of personal belief as to whether or not the tactic will prove successful in avoiding the wrath of the spirit, one assumes that it has provided some peace of mind to those worried that they’ll become the 14th victim of the evil apparition.

Thai Paranormal

Sunday, Feb 23, 2020, 6:00 PM

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