Grand Canyon Lost City

The story of an ancient underground city discovered in the Grand Canyon by explorer GE Kincaid is a popular tale that has circulated online and in various conspiracy theories for many years. However, there is no credible evidence to support the existence of such a city, and the story itself has been debunked as a work of fiction.

The tale describes Kincaid discovering a series of man-made tunnels and chambers in the Grand Canyon, filled with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and artifacts, as well as mummies and other indications of a highly advanced civilization. Kincaid allegedly sent artifacts and detailed notes about his findings to the Smithsonian Institution, which supposedly sent a team of researchers to excavate and study the site.

However, there is no record of any explorer named GE Kincaid, nor any evidence that the Smithsonian Institution was involved in such an excavation or that it possesses any artifacts or other materials related to this alleged discovery. In fact, the original source of this story is a pair of articles that appeared in the Phoenix Gazette in 1909, which were later revealed to be a hoax designed to sell newspapers.

The idea of an ancient underground city in the Grand Canyon is a compelling and intriguing one, but there is simply no factual basis for it. While it is true that the Grand Canyon has a rich and varied history, with evidence of human habitation dating back thousands of years, there is no evidence to suggest that it is home to a lost city of the sort described in this fictional account.

It is important to approach claims about unusual or sensational discoveries with skepticism and to verify the accuracy of information before accepting it as true. In this case, the story of the ancient underground city in the Grand Canyon is nothing more than a fiction, and it is important to recognize it as such.

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